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For discussing IP and HD-SDI based systems: Cameras, Software and NVR's
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Which Camera would you choose of these 2?

Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:27 pm

So I am in the process of choosing a system to install in my home. I have been a CCTV tech for the last year so I am still learning. I am going with a Hikvision NVR and IP cameras since that it seems that is all we have been installing lately and I can get a decent deal on it and know how to work around the menus. I know this is a budget system compared to some of the ones out there but is better than the current system I have (Zmodo). I am down to choosing between 2 cameras and am having a hard time deciding between these two. I can clearly see the differences in the label, 3mp vs 2mp, lower lux on on the 2mp, etc. When I connect them both to a POE and look at them on my computer monitor I can see a difference but am still having a hard time. Here is what I am seeing and look forward to your suggestions and opinions.

3mp cam: Great day time shots, super clear, very good picture when zoomed in. Not as good with the night time shots with infra-reds on.
2mp cam: Better night time clarity than the 3mp camera, but the 3mp has better quality in the day.

I guess my main concern is what do I want more? A better shot at night or day? Is the difference really going to be that much that I will notice?
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Re: Which Camera would you choose of these 2?

Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:05 am

You didn't mention what the scene is and what amount of lighting you have.

For the record I hate fixed lens cameras. You generally waste a lot of pixels looking at irrelevant areas.

Re: Which Camera would you choose of these 2?

Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:30 am

Thanks SSmith for the quick reply. These will be used in home, around the outside. Front Door, Back Door, Garage and perimeter of the house attached to the house. Running Cat6 Burial grade cable and connected to the NVR in the garage. The a HMDI KVM switch will bring the video and controls to the main tv in the house. The cameras will face all 4 sides of the house, so some will be in direct sunlight during the day and some will be kind of shadowed in the back of the house or under the porchs. Hope this info helps.
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