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Dash Cam to Android - How?

Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:10 pm

Hi Guys,

Ok, a brief overview first. I'm setting up a new ICE system in the car, which will be Android based, the Head Unit runs android 4.2.2 and runs normal Android apps etc.. I've also got a 360degree camera system lined up, which outputs through a normal Video Out lead, which I could connect directly to the HU, but it would go into the Rear Camera only mode (i.e. it only shows on the head unit when your park up), I want to be able to view it when moving.

So, it got me thinking, does anyone know of a device that takes a Video in signal and streams it? Is there then a corresponding Android app which I could install in the head unit to run to view the stream?

It would also solve another issue that the Tyre Pressure Management System that I'm looking at also outputs through a Video lead, I could have a second streamer and then be able to switch between the two.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
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