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    Wow a salesman who knows nothing about what he sells …. No wonder you have to spam forums to sell your crap and your bad advice 420 480tvl cameras have not been sold in over 10 years and we now talk mega pixel not tvl your website states business network solutions in Canada ….. yet you can’t answer original post right so you also need to work on that Hi yes it can be done ….. have the switch give camera its iP and use that to call camera to each location
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    Thanks TOMCCTV. I'll go with a POE dome camera, as you suggest. Kind regards
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    Hi it is possible but you will need an encoder which will cost a few 100 so it’s cheaper to just buy another iP camera instead us you willl need the cost of a power supply for your analog camera
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    Hi. Not going to work just wasting your money…… your note 10 has no way of converting the data to get video….. you would also need the manufacturers app you can get the image that way but only over a network either buy a dedicated iP camera tester …. Which will also power your cameras over Poe or use an old net gear wireless router and a power pack and the app that supports the camera a iP camera is data out ….. don’t get confused with video out
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    Hi with the part number ….. that is a very expensive fixed lens 4k camera trade prices between £140 and £190….. that is just not worth it. The cost reflects its Ai ability which is pointless for home use….. and also not for commercial….. in uk it can’t be installed in public systems or government locations take a look at TVT much better than hik also one of the best system app that gives you full control over your system remotely also do you need 4K in all your locations …. Same with audio ….. as both will eat your storage up if 4K and audio on every channel how many cameras are you looking at installing Yes your absolutely right lan connection for router connect for remote viewing or logging in with a pc local I am also in the uk
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    Hi. Yes you can but could limit you if the recorder is not at same location hikvision would not be my choice there is much better out there your airing cupboard sounds like the ideal place to place your nvr and also will limit your costs as most nvrs are Poe ….. so would only need the lan for router connection ….. you could also run cat6 to main to for viewing and control
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    Hi I would go cat5 much easier to work with and gives you more options do both locations have the same power feed
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    Hi Most wireless systems don’t last long plus your stuck if even 1 camera goes down there are other ways to have a wireless system for example you can run iP camera data over your existing power cables … this also means you don’t have to bother about wireless range these are called power adapters that just plug into your existing power sockets yes doing it this way is above your budget but if you add to your system over time you will end up with a reliable system your budget should get you a nvr recorder and two 6 or 8 mp cameras to start with
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    Emily123 is spamming it’s just wireless junk
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    Here are my recommendations for best 4k security camera systems: ANNKE H800 4K PoE Security Camera System: ANNKE has established a reputation as a top-rated maker of some of the greatest security camera systems on the market in recent years. One of their most popular options for individuals wishing to boost the security of their home or business without a lot of guesswork is the H800 4K PoE Security Camera System. Reolink 4K PoE Security Camera System: Reolink is a well-known security camera system manufacturer. They have several good cameras, including the Eco, Go, and Argus 2. Their 4K PoE Security Camera System comes with a single control station and a set of four cameras. Hornbill 4K PoE Security Camera System: The Hornbill 4K PoE Security Camera System, like the previous two camera sets, is a four-camera system. It can also be increased to 8 cameras with the acquisition of additional cameras. The control station is well-built and has a lot of connections. If you want to be more hands-on, you can connect a monitor and a mouse. Most individuals, however, use Hornbill's app to control the system. You can choose any one of them but simply put, I feel the ANNKE H800 4K PoE Camera System provides the highest overall performance. When it comes to video and audio quality, the cameras are exceptionally tough, sturdy, and high-end. With four cameras and the ability to expand to eight, you'll have a turn-key system that's simple to set up and use. Good luck.
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    Heres the lists of rebrands so ya know what ya are buying. Hope it helps
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    I would run the cat 5/6 as you would not need a separate power supply because you could run POE off from the NVR . also if in the future you wanted a higher resolution camera you could do that via the IP solution.
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    We use the Memocam in certain situations, but it is not regular cctv. We use it when people are going into things to steal e.g. we put one in a Coke vending machine (difficult to cover in factory & engineers had made their own keys), only recorded when somebody opened the machine & powered from the machine, very successful. Don't forget with any system you need power. Stick to normal cctv for domestic use as already advised.
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    run the cable. you'll stay in the "maintainable" box of CCTV and the cost will be lower since the old school technology is proven and available everywhere.
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