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  1. hi - im trying to find an easy ip camera to network. the speco inpro ip series claims to be the idiot proof. how much can i believe this? if someone going in with very little ip experience wants to add this to their network is it as easy as they claim? i'm talking about the Speco InPro IP series. http://www.specotech.com/cart/products/default.asp?catid=292&action=viewcat Thanks in advance for you thoughts and opinions!
  2. Hey everyone - Does anyone know of any websites or resources specifically for the security industry?? I remember someone telling me about one at one time years ago but I cant remember ( I can bareley remember what I ate for breakfast this morning Thanks in advance - tomeb
  3. tomeb

    Hello from SouthWestern Virginia

    Virginia is a buetiful place - I rememer going there as a kid. Welcome!
  4. tomeb

    Hunt CCTV

    How does ARM Electronics measure up with the field?
  5. tomeb

    Noob needs help

    As hard as a majority of people find it - reading a manual is a very good idea - its amazing how much you will learn by reading it, following along with it, simply AMAZING.
  6. tomeb

    IPIX goes under, operations cease

    Check this 360 cam out: http://www.omniscape360.com/home.htm
  7. tomeb

    Choosing a DVR .!!

    I agree with the previouos post - for a client who has a "mid-range" budget, license plate capture and retreival from a database is going to be above their price range for the custom apps or whatever would be involved. Why not use a well thought out and planned access control system, there are one's out there that incorporate video - Keyscan for instance http://www.keyscan.ca/English/Main_E.htm
  8. tomeb

    WizKid IR Domes

    Out of curiousity what model # is it? I've been looking into some wizkid models
  9. tomeb

    Manufacturer Comparison

    I agree - go by product rather than specific manufacturer. Pelco does, as stated, have excellent support. GE seems to be lacking a little in the support area - and Samsung GVI - forget about it - try getting a hold of one of their techs from my experience very difficult.
  10. tomeb

    using a MAC comp in my setup...

    On the same note - has anyone seen client dvr software that's made for the MAC?
  11. tomeb

    Samsung GVI versus Samsung Techwin

    I agree it can be confusing - I have a catalogue for each - also you can look on their website - techwin http://www.samsungtechwin.com/ GVI is http://www.samsung-security.com/Default.aspx?tabid=30 From what I can tell the Techwin has the better quality (and thus more expensive) then the GVI
  12. Hello – I have a customer who has 2 Spectra III’s, part # SD5318-PG-E0. He wants to hook them up to a KBD300A and an existing DVR (model # Capture XDR1600). We have the DVR set for Pelco-D, and the DVR has a RS485 output. When he has the two spectra’s connected directly to the DVR, he can control both camera’s. When he has the two spectra’s attached only to the KBD300A using the KBD-KIT, he can control both camera’s. The problem seems to be when he has them both hooked up. When he power cycles after connecting up this way, initially he does have control with the KBD300A. As soon as he tried to control the camera through the DVR, however, all controls lock up on both the DVR and the KBD300A. When he has them both hooked up, he has the RS485 TX+ and TX- on the dvr going out to the KBD-KIT attached to Terminals 1 and 2 (Tx+ and Tx-). Can anyone advise on what we might be doing wrong here? Thanks All -tomeb
  13. Anybody have any links or information on the basics of building the network to support IP camera's, bandwidth issues, ect? I have several customers wanting to design help on medium sized systems (16-100 camera's) - I know a little about networking, for instance does the 100meter length max apply ?
  14. Hi All, I have a customer who brought back 4 of the IR Bullet type camera's to us said they stopped working after 4 days on the jobsite. These camera's run on 24VAC and of course he says he was using a 24VAC power supply for them. I opened them up and every one of them has a strong smoke smell and varying degrees of burned components - the burning is right around where the power comes into the actual camera housing - couple of capacitors and things. Any ideas what I can tell my customer?? My opinion is that the damage was done by some sort of power surge and thus wouldnt be covered under the normal warranty. What could cause this to happen, in your all's experiences? Thanks
  15. tomeb

    Geovision very poor quality image

    Is it just me or does that link lead to an avi file that plays nothing?