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  1. Sam007

    VSE File runs too fast

    wow....i have the complete opposite problem here. When I save a file to USB from my avtech, in .dvr or converted to .vse and then played back on a computer....the video plays s-l-o-w motion....
  2. Ok, i've been playing around with these motion settings for a few days now. I found that keeping the SS setting at "3" and increasing the TS to "6" or higher will decrease the false alarms due to dust/rain/snow depending on how severe they are. If the TS is set high, it decreases the chance that motion will trip due to rain/snow/dust particles being in 3(SS) of the grids for under a second. If you look at the detection screen during the night, you'll notice that the dust particles will trip multiple grids at the same time but only for a split second depending on weather conditions and how windy it is. Increasing TS will allow these particles to have a higher time threshold for a motion event to happen. If the particles are slow moving and stay in the FOV longer, the motion will trip. I am now playing around with the RE value...i currently have mine set at 35 and have been monitoring it for a few days. If anyone else has any info on tuning the motion detection settings or experiances, that would be great as there is little info on how these settings affect the detection in the real world with different camera types and lenses.
  3. air rifle & scope *cough* *cough* 4.5mm metal BB's *cough* 10+hits each to completly shatter *cough**cough*
  4. right on the money! Thanks again scorpion
  5. Sam007

    AVerDiGi EB1304NET SATA

    meta, did you try adjusting the fan speed lower or higher via the jumpers? See if that makes a differance. You could also just swap out the fan...unplug the 3 pin connector/remove the fan and bring it with you to a computer parts store or electronics surplus to match the size and voltage. If the voltage is not listed on the fan or board, i'd use a multimeter to measure the voltage output from the board first. Should be like 12V or 5V. goodluck!
  6. scorpion, I tried the continuous recording for half hour and BINGO, the playback while rew or ff goes without pausing in x4, x8, x16 and x32. So, the pausing was caused by the many motion events. This dvr pauses for a bit to "think" how to patch the pieces of motion triggered video together hehe or something like that. and while we're sorta on topic...is there anyway to increase the motion record time? I assume it's 10secs but sometimes it seems to be shorter depending on the type of motion.
  7. Sam007

    IR camera picture bad at night

    I know this might sound rather silly and simple but hey, I had a problem similar to this on an outdoor bullet camera at my old mans shop and it ended up being a dirty camera lens/front glass! Grab some windex and paper towel and clean the camera glass. I believe the dirty glass (water marks/dirt) especially where the LED's are caused the IR's to reflect back into the lens causing the foggy/bad picture.
  8. thanks for the reply scorpion, The model is the 761 and the HD is quite new, Western Digital Cavalier. I am bringing up the video by motion events and then rewinding. I have also tried just pushing play and then rewinding with the same results. I think it could be the 10 second motion video clips pieced together causing the pausing but it is so random...sometimes it pauses for 7 seconds then 3seconds then 2 seconds, then 5 seconds...lol. It takes forever to go through a days worth of video. Tonight i will try to record in continuous mode for awhile then playback to see how the rewind goes. I do not have another HD on hand to test at the moment.
  9. Hello all, I am having a little problem viewing motion recorded video on my avtech dvr. Lets say i'm playing back recorded motion video and i hit rew x4.....the video will start to rewind but then pause for a bit, then continue rewinding then pauses again and so on. This happens in rew x4, x8, x16 and x32 however seems to get worse as the speed increases. The rewind is not smooth. Could this be a HDD problem? or could it simply be that the pausing is caused by the different motion recorded events? Thanks!
  10. Sam007

    New Avtech h.264 DVR AVC792

    Hey Mark R, a wierd thing i noticed with mine... CIF at BEST quality looks better than Frame at BEST during playback ?? I need to test this more as I was only testing at night and nighttime video is generally pretty crappy.
  11. Ok, this is kind of confusing but here goes... Lets say I have a 420TVL camera whos effective pixels are 537x505. Does choosing the right recording resolution (CIF-352x240,Field-720x240,Frame-720x480) matter? I mean, whats the point of recording in "Frame" mode if the recorded picture will look worse because the camera is not that high in resolution? Or will the picture still look better recording in "frame" regardless? In the case of a 420TVL camera, would it be better to just record in CIF? Does any of this make sense? Because i dont know what i'm talking about really....just wondering if it works that way.
  12. Sam007

    AVerDiGi EB1304NET SATA

    sorry ak, i haven't seen or played with the sata+ in person. I believe the only differances are the buttons added to the front panel?
  13. Sam007

    New Avtech h.264 DVR AVC792

    thats awesome scorpion, you can totally tell the differances in quality between mpeg4 and h.264. I will be getting one of these DVR's tomorrow for testing. Looks like the "retro" style has come back! lolz, the 792 looks so oldschool.
  14. Sam007

    AVerDiGi EB1304NET SATA

    hey G22, The eb1304net sata is all plastic bodied, really small and really light. It feels cheap when handled! I think this DVR will be ideal for being hidden as it has a front jack for an IR wire extension, 3.5mm it looks to be. Beware though, the power on LED is super BRIGHT blue and stays on all the time. u'd have to make sure it's out of sight or even put some black tape over it. The internal cooling fan is side mounted and is not "that" loud but it has jumpers to switch the fan speed from low/med/high. Mine is on med and again...it's not that loud.
  15. anyone ever tune up this DVR motion wise to "not" trigger on dust particles, light snow/rain or general nightime picture noise when using IR camera's yet still have fairly good sensetivity? Is this even possiable?? hehe Actually, I've only had good experiances with PC based cards for these issues.