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  1. If you talk about pci slot Geovision cards, i solve this problem using Intel Chipset b75 socket 1155 and b85 socket 1150 If you try H61 Chipset not working. The safe solution is B75. I install gv800, gv600 , gv650 without a problem.
  2. I have Intel i7 4770 - 2x4 GB Ram - 120 gb ssd - OS Windows 7 Home 64bit. 2x4TB Seagate - Motherboard Gigabyte b85-hd3 and 20 geovision ip cam. 600w supply corsair cx model. Geovision 8.5.8 Everything work fine , no lags cpu load 10%~20% , cpu temp 40~55 Celsius. PC frozen randomly one or two times a day and only with restart button start again, just without a problem. I try everything. Install again windows, geovision. Try 2x2gb ram, Buy same hardware new again. The crazy problem is here. If someone can help, please tell me what can i do to solve this crazy problem. I try send e-mail to geovision tomorrow. Thanks guys. Philip - Greece