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  1. bchance

    Custom GeoVision Skins

    Hey all I just wanted to say I can create custom GeoVision skins for your business if you are interested. It is a great way to brand your company! Let me know!
  2. I understand your stance on this I just as a developer choose to disagree. If I were you and you enjoyed their products I'd write an email, otherwise IQEye it is.
  3. I feel your pain with the NVR software but it's free marketing for them. Doesn't drop their professional image in my mind. My opinion is if you around any industry and see something you don't agree with you're argument shouldn't be i shouldn't have to.....it's going to wear you down.
  4. Perhaps but it's pretty simple to do it in the program or msconfig. Uninstall the software but save the installation file on the laptop. Read manuals or try it at your shop. Don't let the first time you touch it be in the field. Sure IQEye definitely has a more detailed web interface but Arecont went for simple. I like them - I figured out early how their software is and learned from it.
  5. bchance

    Geovision 8.3.1 & 8.3.2

    Some new/enhanced features: Take 32 inputs and split 16 on one monitor and 16 on the other and each monitor is capable of having separate motion settings. Geovision has a GPS feature now where you can put a device into vehicles and you can open a map which is googlemaps within geovision and it will show you where your vehicles are. You can add cameras to this so you can get live feeds from vehicles. The cameras will transmit 3g. New gv Iphone viewer and i think an updated bbviewer. Both of these are available now for 8.3.1 series.
  6. this thread needs to be on a permanent sticky. very good and hard to find information.
  7. It really isn't that hard to the average kid out there with malicious intentions... Find the kind of camera, use their ip scanning software to find an ip then spoof to that ip and monitor your packets and you'll see the nvr trying to grab data.... then you go and play with the nvr. RDP enabled? Scan for VNC? is VNC vulnerable to auth bypass? If nothing else they could simply just knock the NVR offline which wouldn't be a smooth job but in the end the client wouldn't have the video.
  8. This isn't nearly as concerning as the ACTi cameras. They include publically in the cameras root directory a network testing tool that can be misused to perform a denial of service attack to anyone on the internet/lan. So imagine setting up a big system with 20 of these cameras and someone uses all 20 and targets the main switch for the school. Yeah..... thats not good.
  9. bchance

    Has anyone tried Windows 7 with Geovision

    vista is definitely a bogged down os but with just a bit of customization it works fine. As far as the worst ms os I def wouldn't pick vista. It had bugs yes but XP had even worse security flaws from the get go. Same thing was said about XP that is being said now about Vista. - my opinion. Rory you seem like a very intelligent person nice to have a forum ran by members who know their subject matter. Thanks
  10. I can do a little bit I can currently change the splash screen and the video lost and video not activated images. Really helps because now the images are ugly blue boxes. Working on getting down the new styling down. If you want the splash or the splash and info let me know by a PM.
  11. bchance

    Remote Training for Geovision and IP camera add ons

    We use teamviewer and it works great. The techs go out there place the systems and go over things with the customers but if they ever need help they are sent to the support page and i help them out. DSP Overlay affects it at first when you connect so all the cameras are pink but once you toggle it off you can see al the pictures clearly.
  12. bchance

    Has anyone tried Windows 7 with Geovision

    Geovision also works well on vista also has faster startup times. XP will soon or if it hasn't been already deemed the keyword unsupported by microsoft. Start experiementing you don't want to be the one who has to delay projects because of OS issues.
  13. bchance


    Man I use video-insight and run mainly acti 7411's with 2 tb's of storage and I can get 5 months of storage. Only 9 cameras but still.
  14. The best player is VLC Player. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ Will play 100% of the time.
  15. For the windows firewall just go to control panel > firewall and turn it off. So you have opened the ports but have you forwarded them to the dvr? If you are still having problems with this you can try a dmz.