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  1. rajaymor

    How to avoid "smart" customers?

    Just charge him for it. $10,000 oughta cover a course on camera basics.
  2. rajaymor

    cctv invented

    I invented CCTV. I came up with the idea first --- but they already had it.
  3. BW Exview, best low light camera chip still IMO. Otherwise, I am certain we have posted them in the past, the forum has been around from 2003, however, it is not suggested as those images are part of security system and it might be detrimental to the client to have their security system images all over the internet. Yeah, I imagine my clients would sue the f*** out of me if I posted their security footage!!
  4. Not sure how you can say that given that IP cameras are already dropping in price (we're selling them about 20% cheaper today than we did this time last year!), and will continue to plummet as the Asian markets get more involved in their manufacture. All technology reduces in price, look at Plasma TVs, only 7 years ago they were 10 times the price they are now. All logic points to the notion that IP cameras are going to get cheaper, the technology behind them simply doesn't have the capacity to remain elusive to the cheaper manufacturers for long. Not sure what you mean by that one, it's a contradictory statement there - the equivalent of saying "I invented the clothes dryer first, but they already had them..." Yes, it would --- but coax simply doesn't transmit enough data for the TCP/IP protocol to broadcast a megapixel system. Back when computers used coax cable for networking I think the best speed they got on it was 10mbps, which is nowhere near fast enough for Megapixel IP. There is also the consideration that most buildings when being constructed will have Cat5 laid out and ready to go for computer installations anyway. Cat5 is far cheaper than coax, so any new installation would have rocks in their heads to lay down RG59 unless they are short runs. Essentially, your view point here is the equivalent of demanding that we only use dirt roads because they are "easier to build" and you want car manufacturers to make a miracle and make a car that can do 140Km/h on these dirt roads... I have yet to come across a customer who does NOT want to be able to watch the CCTV in their office from home. Period. You do have a point here, but I'm not quite sure how it's related. We're talking about what might or might not happen in 5 years, not what the market is like at this current point. Even then however, pick up a newspaper or look up the CES show in Las Vegas --- things are definitely changing as far as options for home automation and what it will be like in the future. The concept has been around for decades, but the actual technology is beginning to appear now.
  5. ... I think what he is trying to say here is: the low-light quality of this camera may not match to the quality of an infra-red camera. Having said that, if you're putting this camera near streetlights or you have a motion-sensing floodlight I imagine this camera should be fine.
  6. I will keep that in mind, that is an awesome tip!
  7. rajaymor

    Mixing AC & DC

    Before I begin, I will warn you that I am a noob. Anyway, Why not just get a power converter and convert the 120v AC down to 12VDC at the camera? I don't know if they have one to suit 120VAC, but I know that we have converters for 36VAC down to 12VDC at work...
  8. The Samsung SPD-3750T is also quite reasonable, it has the same drawbacks listed against the Panasonic (doesn't zoom on the subject, only follows) but they are generally sold for quite a reasonable price. The only thing with it is, you MUST use a Samsung PTZ controller to operate the camera, as the generic controllers have trouble accessing the camera's function menus. I know the SCC-3100A controller will work the camera, and the SCC-1000 will also operate it with no difficulty. -Raymond
  9. rajaymor

    URGENT - Flooded CCTV Cam

    Hi TJ, Something you should keep in mind for the future -- if a supplier sells you an outdoor weatherproof camera, and somehow it gets water in it, that is definitely a warranty issue. Up until you pull the camera apart and start playing with it. I work for RhinoCo in Australia, and I have had several situations with one of our cameras that were remarkably similar to yours - all of which were swapped over straight away. But once you pull the camera apart and re-do the seals, you void the warranty. I mean, heck we void the warranty if you cut the DC plugs off! It's just how most of us suppliers operate - once you've started fiddling with the camera there is no way to realistically determine whether it was a problem with the camera, or whether it was someone's toying with the internal components that caused the problem in the first place. (As you should know, LOTS of installers out there who haven't even the foggiest idea of what they're doing!!) Cheers, Raymond Morgan Sales Consultant - RhinoCo Technology http://www.rhinoco.com.au
  10. rajaymor

    Hi from Sydney!

    Hi All, Just thought I'd say Hi, although with out a doubt you will see me lurking around the various threads here.
  11. rajaymor

    Microphone in store

    An interesting point that nobody has raised yet... I'm not sure of the legalities in the US and Canada, but in Australia you cannot covertly record a conversation without a court order / warrant - otherwise any person whose voice is being recorded must be made aware of this. As I said, not sure if that's the case in the US or Canada, but it certainly is down here in Oz [/i]
  12. That's kind of odd.... I work as a salesman, and I only make a percentage of the -profit- from any given job. Clearly, you would not have made a profit if you proceeded with this job, therefore he wouldn't have made much commission anyway?? Even then, the fact that he could not pick up that this job seemed a little dodgy (all that for $10k, well, ok in US dollars it might be possible, but in Aussie dollars that is getting pretty unrealistic) if he couldn't get the specs on the other quote to do a comparison, that's HIS problem, not yours!! hmm, sorry, I may have ranted here... but bad sales people annoy me!!