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  1. Securame

    hikvision ds-8116hdi-s

    You need Internet Explorer, indeed.
  2. Securame

    Urgent. Problem with DVR Dahua XVR5116

    You started a tour. No mouse? Plug another monitor (so you have both VGA and HDMI). Or just access the device from a computer (Internet Explorer or SmartPSS) and reset it to default.
  3. Securame

    Alarm for DS-7608NI E2

    You need DS-7608NI-E2/A. If they sent you the wrong unit, just send it back.
  4. It is disabled by default now on current firmwares, and has been disabled for a long time. But it used to be ON by default a few years back.
  5. https://www.dahuasecurity.com/support/downloadCenter/softwares?id=2&child=272
  6. Disable UPnP on the Hikvision camera (in fact, disable it everywhere).
  7. Securame

    Set Up iVMS-4200

    iVMS-4200 Lite https://www.hikvision.com/europe/Support/Downloads/Client-Software
  8. If that is the case, the problem should be related to your network connection/networking, and not the firmware.
  9. Securame

    Set Up iVMS-4200

    They must be Hikvision OEMs.
  10. Securame

    Set Up iVMS-4200

    iVMS-4200 is only for Hikivision devices. It will not work with this IP camera.
  11. Securame

    Adding an IP Camera to DS-7204HUHIK1/P

    I am quite sure it is not ONE, mbut TWO IP cameras, up to 6MP. You can keep your existing 4 HDTVI cameras, and add 2 Hikvision IP cameras (up to 6MP). You might also be able to add ONVIF cameras, but I would go for Hikvision cameras just to be on the safe side.
  12. Securame

    Ceiling CCTV

    It could also be aliens.
  13. Securame

    VMS software

    For PSS you have to use Dahua units, either Dahua or any of their rebranded units/OEMs.
  14. I can't be of any help here, but can you post the URLs you use to playback recorded files with RTSP? Thanks!
  15. You are incorrect, that's why it does not work. The pairs have to be 1-2 3-6 4-5 7-8, and you are pairing 3-4 and 5-6. Stick to the standards, and use always the same color coding (I always do T568B).
  16. In what order did you put the color cables?
  17. Securame

    Reset ivms 4200 hikvision admin password

    You can just uninstall iVMS-4200 and install it again from scratch.
  18. Use a good HDMI over UTP extender, and use good quality UTP Cat6 cable. 60m should be ok. Otherwise, try lowering the resolution on the HDMI output (but then of course you will have worse image quality on the monitor).
  19. Securame

    Starvis vs Hikvision

    Without knowing the prices I would prefer a DS-2CE56D8T-IT3 camera over a random unbranded camera any time. And if the unbranded option is more expensive, even with more reason.
  20. Securame

    Starvis vs Hikvision

    You are comparing apples and oranges. Hikvision is a brand that manufactures many products, like cameras, which have a sensor inside. Starvis is a sensor manufactured by Sony, that is just one of the pieces that make up a camera. That said, the unbranded camera you are linking doesn't look good at all, it's just a generic OEM camera. And I have no idea where you got that it can record colour at night; it has infrarred, so as soon as the infrarred kicks in, you will have black and white image.
  21. Securame

    Mobile access issues

    "I think it should work with any app, not only a specific one" <<< wrong "I was wondering if I update de firmware" <<< you do not even know the brand of the unit, how do you expect to be able to update it? With a 2012 firmware and if your time is worth anything, you might just trash it and buy a new unit.
  22. Securame

    Mobile access issues

    That maybe looks like an old Dahua unit? If so, you would have to use DMSS. You need to use whatever app works with your unit, not just try random programs and see if they hopefully work.