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  1. flcusat

    Seagate SV35 Series HDD

    Thanks for your reply. I decided to go with the Seagate SV35 Series. It has the same price than the Western Digital, the interface is 6Gb/s and the warranty is 5 years. The Western Digital's interface is 3Gb/s and the warranty is 3 years.
  2. flcusat

    Seagate SV35 Series HDD

    Doing a little bit of research I found that another alternative would be the Western Digital AV-GP Series.
  3. Are these still the preferred choice for CCTV, or is there any other series from Seagate or any other manufacturer that is a better choice?
  4. http://www.marinecamerasystems.com/waterproofdomecamera.shtml Is anyone here familiar with this camera? We are looking at it for a job we are starting next week in the Bahamas.
  5. Sorry for the confusion. Some how I relate your post to Mobotix.
  6. Can't speak to other NVR remote solutions, but Exacq Vision supports both regular browsers (no ActiveX required) and the Exacq Mobile iPhone application (soon to be ported to other platforms), and there is no comparison between using a browser and application. Some have complained on iTunes about the $49 cost for Exacq Mobile and said they would continue to use the Safari browser, but for me, the speed, utility, and ease of use justify the cost. Exacq is aware they need to improve event searches, and once that is developed and released, this app with rock. So, while it's certainly nice to be able to walk into any hotel lobby or internet cafe and use a vanilla browser without any ActiveX, etc, there are also advantages to a well-designed mobile app that is specifically designed for a task. IMO, a quality NVR should have both. Best, Christopher According to Exaq they can't support yet the use of Mobotix cameras although they said that they were working on a solution. Now in a case that you need and NVR where you have Mobotix cameras and cameras from another manufacturer without internal storage what are you guys using successfully?
  7. Soundy, Do you mind if I ask you why are you using and NVR with Mobotix, just curious? Are you using MxControl Center at all?
  8. flcusat

    IC Realtime EL-8000/7000

    Anyone has seen this cameras in action? Any comments?
  9. Did you get any answer from them regarding this? I'm just looking at the demo of the Flex on line and the highest fps that I could get is 7 when selecting D1. At CIF I can select up to 30 fps though. I'm not impressed either with the online picture quality. I'm looking for a DVR that would display 30fps in all the 16 cameras at D1 and also could be controllable two way by RS-232 to integrate with AMX.
  10. I was actually referring to the one posted by rainman on page 4 as Night Image from Avigilon 2.0MP HD pro cam
  11. Who manufactures this piece?
  12. flcusat

    Best NightVision Camera

    That's a pretty good image. Who makes this camera? What model number is it?
  13. flcusat

    NEED EVERYONE's imput

    I'm working on project with similar characteristics than the one posted above. Which ExtremeCCTV's model are you suggesting?
  14. flcusat

    Best NightVision Camera

    What particular ExtremeCCTV's is this one? The EX82?
  15. flcusat

    Super HAD or HQ1?

    How many posts are needed in order to PM. Never mind. I found it.