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    Avermedia POS box

    parallel is doable, but unusual. I've never done it. And btw, the baud rate is fixed.
  2. Great! What is the configuration when using RS-485? Same as RS232?
  3. bongofury

    Geovision V3E

    I don't have any experience with Qnap software. You should ask Soundy.
  4. bongofury

    Geovision V3E

    the db9/rj45 modular adaptors is what we use. I don't bother with the RS485 unless the distance is really long. Did you purchase the V3E already? Many installs don't require it.
  5. Just out a week or two ago. Divis allows 64Bit Win7 on their DVR. http://www.divisdvr.com/divis/default_read.asp?id=2 I havent used the 64bit version, but I can vouch for their cards and software. Simple - Intuitive - reliable.
  6. bongofury

    Geovision V3E

    I think your Idea will work just fine. We do RS232 on Cat5 lines up to 100' all the time. We never use the V3E though.
  7. bongofury

    Problem with night vision of my cctv.

    just use 4 separate Power supplies and be done with it then.
  8. bongofury

    interferance on one camera

    could it be PAL / NTSC compatibility?
  9. were you able to set this up by ethernet or serial? I'm setting one up this week, and I'd like to know if the ethernet connection works.
  10. I read up on CRS site. They only have information on the serial port. But here are the steps. But maybe it can help anyway. To setup a registers RS-232 port to send detail/journal data follow these steps: 1. Define new port device: Select DEFINE PORT from the S menu. Select a Port (1-6) by pressing the SERIAL PORT button (top left). Configure the port with the following parameters: BAUD RATE – 9600, PARITY – None, DATA BITS – 8 and STOP BITS – 1. Set CUTTING AFTER PRINTING to no. 2. Configure printer: Press DEVICE button on the DEFINE PORT menu (lower left). Select PRINTER as the device. Select GENERIC #1 as the printer type. Press OK twice. 3. Set journal mode: Select SYSTEM OPTION from the PGM menu. Select GENERAL PRINTING OPTIONS from the option menu (page down). Select PAGE #2. Set option 9 – JOURNAL: REAL TIME / BATCH to REAL TIME. Press CLOSE twice. 4. Define system printer: Select PRINTER AND KV ROUTING from the PGM menu. Select SYSTEM PRINTER CONFIGURATION. Select an available printer (1-10). Enter printer DESCRIPTOR (i.e. DVR). Press OK. Enter REG# (this register). Enter PORT# (define in step 1). Press CLOSE. 5. Setup detail routing: Select DETAIL PRINTER ROUTING from the PRINTER AND KV ROUTING menu. Enter the REGISTER# (defined in step 4). Enter the PRINTER# (defined in step 4). Press CLOSE twice. 6. Connect register to DVR: Connect one end of a null modem cable to Port defined in step 1. Connect the other end to a serial port on the DVR server (see Overlay Setup).
  11. Just noticed. You do not have a device set!
  12. I've never used the Ethernet connection to Drive a Printer or Text overlay. So I am of little help. You may have to Contact CRS who distributes Sam4s in the states. I've looked on CRS Dealer site, and it says the port should be set to 6000 or 6001, but it doesn't really say where to set that. Maybe its preset to those ports?
  13. do let us know what you find out. over 100' is too far by textbook standard on rs232, but i have done it and not had problems even with 24 gauge wire. but who knows?
  14. you'll get it yet! too bad you have to do your testing at the customers site. An RS-232 Breakout box may help. It could be a handshaking thing, on some NCR tills for instance, if I unplug pole display, the till freezes. Take a look here as well. http://www.lammertbies.nl/comm/cable/RS-232-spy-monitor.html Btw, does the Pole display stop working when you test data capture? Frustrating as you say, because you know what you are doing.
  15. while the SPS-520 has ethernet capability, you are better off using the serial port connection. Set it as Journal. And Probably Epson Emulation. You don't need an interface box. it is the same emulation as older Sam4s and samsung cash registers such as Sam4s ER-650. Also, the default settings is Buffered Print, You want individual line print. you have to change that at the register.
  16. I do this often too. I'm a POS guy. Is there actually a pole display present?
  17. you will drop 3-4 volts per pair of wire at 600 feet. but if you use triple up 3 pair of cat 5 for power your voltage drop would be approx 1 Volt Handy Calculator is here. http://www.cat5videobaluns.com/voltage-loss-calculator.html I would use a separate 12 V - 13.5V 500mA to 1A small Power supply for each camera though, if you are using passive baluns at each end. I'd stay away from those RJ11 7.5V cameras. sell them and buy somehing else.
  18. you'll need to know the current requirements of your bnc cameras too, to help with calculation of voltage drop of 24 gauge cat5. I assume you have no choice but to run camera power over this distance? or you could use a voltage regulator at the camera end. no easy answer I'm afraid. See if you can get us the model of the bnc camera.
  19. bongofury

    GV-800 + 3 additional stations. is it possible ?

    Make sure if you are using long VGA runs to use the heavy gauge sheilded cables. About a 1/2" thick. you'll have more options with a card, but an active splitter is simpler.
  20. bongofury

    GV-800 + 3 additional stations. is it possible ?

    if it is ok that all 3 tvs see the same signal, just buy a vga Y multiplier. they can be had for $15 on amazon.
  21. bongofury

    First build PC based Dvr unit

    I don't know much about either of these cards. you must have narrowed down to those two for a reason. Maybe because they are the least expensive that run HiKvision software? I hope you don't require high frame rates, because both of those cards max out at 30fps at CIF, less at 4CIF. you'll be lucky to get 2 to 4 fps per channel.
  22. bongofury

    Remote Training for Geovision and IP camera add ons

    no. only Geo-IP cams are free. they up'd the # of free IP Cams recently, but they still must all be geo brand to be free. You will still have to purchase a dongle licence to use 3rd party IP cam.
  23. bongofury

    Power Supply Help

    Some power supplies allow this. Some don't. What make and model power supply is this?
  24. bongofury

    Were can I download Geovision 8.4?

    go to ezcctv. If you want to try 8.4 Create an account and you should be good to go. http://www.ezcctv.com/software-download.htm
  25. I'm in the same boat. I'd love to be able to focus on site. Tried 2" + 5" and 7" monitors. Can't fine focus with it. I only get consistant results when I use a 9" to 13" monitor. where do you get a focus meter?