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  1. I had this issue a couple of years ago, sometimes I also could not get an 845 chipset to work with a Divis DVR card. Can you shut off the directx overlay? or install a PCI or AGP Card? I think you may want to try a different PC.
  2. bongofury

    Intel DH55PJ + Core i3 550 + GV-650 8.3.4 = doesn't work

    try turning off hyper-threading in the bios?
  3. bongofury

    where to buy a new dome for a dome camera?

    I've never been able to buy replacement domes for cameras older than two years. Junk it for parts. Put up a new one.
  4. bongofury

    Openeye DVR

    i have sites with older ones. these were like the honeywell fusion DVR's with a Kodicom card. great system.
  5. bongofury


    I've used the cheap vga Y-splitters, they work best on low resolution monitors. And you lose some brightness.
  6. I don't know of a simple Searchable POS Database for an IP solution. Divis offers this with their hybrid system, but as for IP only, I do not know.
  7. bongofury

    mini rg59

    I've never tried it, but had considered using it or short runs when space was tight. How about Cat5 with Baluns? You only need one pair of wires for each video channel. so you may be able to get 3 or 4 cameras on one cat5 cable. lots of info on doing this elsewhere on the group.
  8. bongofury


    I've been installing their Indoor and outdoor domes lately. Not my favourite to adjust the gimbal, but the images are ok, and I haven't had a failure yet. But what annoys me is that most Jvision cameras do not have a video test port.
  9. I've seen it wired many different ways for power, and not really much difference. But if you can, try to use more than one pair for power if using Cat5. don't double up the pairs on video signal baluns though. Try to use the twists to your advantage whenever you can. (b) is my answer. One of the balun sets I use has Orange pair for Video, Green pair not used, Blue and Brown tied together for Dc Ground, and Blue/White, Brown/white used for +12V dc. but 24vac is a better way to go imho.
  10. bongofury

    The Best Card and Why?

    I love Divis and Geo cards, but if you are happy with the features of servntec , why not build these systems only? ya gotta specialize!
  11. maybe its the NTSC vs PAL settings?
  12. I think this is the Brazilian Post he was refering to. I'm having a similar problem after swapping a blown motherboard. http://translate.google.ca/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tecvoz.com.br%2Fv2%2Ffaq%2FSecuryCheckError.html
  13. bongofury

    Anyone ever use EverFocus brand?

    I don't know about their DVR's but we installed 100's of their ED300 dome cameras and more than half had to be later junked. And Everfocus wouldn't do anything about it. Ended up eating it and replacing them with Nationals.
  14. bongofury

    Simple Question

    I've seen plywood supports plenty of times.
  15. bongofury

    Geovision GV-800 Genuine Or Clone????

    ask the seller to send you a pic showing the hologram and the serial# and check with the geovision taiwan website.
  16. bongofury

    Geovision GV-800 Genuine Or Clone????

    I think its a fake. Try to run ver 8.3 on it and see what happens
  17. I have tried to do this too, using the latest Divis software, with a Toshiba-Tec DVR which uses same cards. Driver loads, I can see images in the camera settings, but the main app won't load. Try googling Viewgate DVR, Toshiba, chance-i, vendoma and others.
  18. bongofury

    camera black

    your system is old, but should work with ver 6.05. but why not try another pc if you have one?
  19. Sometimes we use 24Vac Master power supply, and for any camera that is not dual-voltage we use a 24v to 12vDC power converters at the camera end. Though that can get expensive.
  20. I beleive Safeware has distribution in Australia http://www.safeware.ca/contact.php I 've dealt with them before and am very happy!
  21. bongofury

    16/9 Wide screen monitors

    This is a good question. Myself have also wanted to know the answer. I still install the standard monitors, but I notice other LCD's put in by customers or competition are widescreen, and images look fat!
  22. Safeware has got some IP PTZ cameras too. These are only .3M though http://www.safeware.ca/product-spec.php?pid=74
  23. bongofury

    New iPhone/iPad web app

    what version of geo can I use this with? I tried it with 8.3 but was wondering if it would work with 8.12
  24. I do POS and cctv all the time, I would definitely keep them separate! Although, I think you should offer the POS transaction integration option.
  25. bongofury

    Help on repair of CCTV camera

    i probably wouldn't bother. but if you have the free time and another like camera, you could probably get it going. Myself, i would put that one in the junk box and buy another.