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  1. If a cash register will suffice, any Sam4s Cash Register such as ER650 with a serial port will work. choose Star TSP200 emulation as this has no formatting.
  2. i know Divis has these. some of their cards used to come with this harness. I have a couple left over i've never used. PM me if you want them. I think geo has these available too but i think theirs are expensive. good luck on your search
  3. bongofury


    there are a few softwares that you can buy that will work with kodicom cards. such as this one - http://www.h264soft.com/h264webcam.html but i don't know if all of them will support 8 channels with your card. Perhaps someone else will know.
  4. bongofury

    Safeware say hello

    welcome Safeware. We're neighbours! Kingston Ontario
  5. bongofury

    video rolls over cat5

    don't forget to try a small monitor near the camera and again near the dvr to see if it looks any better!
  6. bongofury

    Camera is jumpy/flickers

    if this is a standard camera (non-ip) i would try a small tv or cctv monitor right at the camera to start. if thats ok, try the cctv or tv at the dvr end of the cable. could be alot of things, but that is where i would start.
  7. bongofury

    GV600 v3 and Geovision 8.3

    i think you already know this is not going to be supported. best to stay with ver 7.05 with that one.
  8. bongofury


    version 8.3.3 can be found here. http://www.ezcctv.com/software-download.htm
  9. bongofury

    Anyone know about Quality of Avtech camera?

    Avtech is one of the better budget brands. its a good value if you don't have much to spend.
  10. bongofury

    Dico install blues

    You could try H264Webcam software. It will supposedly work with a PICO2000 card and is not expensive. They have a trial demo available.
  11. Looks to me like it is similiar to chance-i Divis DVR software. You might get lucky and just try their standard software. Might work!
  12. bongofury

    Divis dvr cards?

    I had a 120A16 Divis card with channel 6 that went bad ( no signal)after 2 months use. It ended up being a tiny shorted capacitor on the input. replaced and it was fine.
  13. bongofury

    Ver 8.3

    I received a reply from Geovision. 8.3 will not have 64 bit support for the DVR or the remote! Theres going to be lots of unhappy customers. Glen
  14. bongofury

    Ver 8.3

    Does anyone know if The newer version of Geovision will support Vista64 bit versions? More and more of my customers are using Vista Laptops and would like remote access of Playback files. Glen