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  1. sphzxcv

    Need info:8-pin power supply

    Thanks for the replies. I've managed to sort out the connections. The DVR is working fine now.
  2. Hi all. Will appreciate assistance from members of the forum. I have a 9-channel DVR by AVtech. Recently its power supply failed to function. I searched around for a replacement unit but .... So I decided to custom make a power supply for the DVR. The power supply I am making consist of 2 separate units, one supplying 12v and the other 5v. Sounded simple, eh? But the output plug is a 8-pin plug and I need to figure out which pins are 12v and which are 5v. Fortunately, the output supply comes with a diagram of the pins' output, showing the +12v and +5v pins. However, the -12v and -5v pins are indicated as GND only. I need to know which of the GND pins are the -12v and which are -5v as the GND is not the common GND of a single supply. The pins concerned are pins 1, 2, 3 and 5 from the attached photo. Will it make any difference if the -12v and the -5v are swapped? A photo of the old power supply is attached. The DVR is a 9-channel (JPEG format) non-network unit from AVtech. Thanks for the assistance.