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  1. upsman

    explain a little?

    Ok for my education now, since i do not use these types of cameras yet, can you explain why and when you would use a lens with an auto iris that is dc driven or video driven and what is the difference? In my cams that are sealed I know there is a little servo that seems to do the work but I set nothing or adjust nothing, so perhaps this is video driven? At some point i guess i will be doing the inside of a shop/showroom and i supppose that a convential box cam will give the best shot? Most of my units are 1/4 imagers. What do we gain by 1/3 imagers? Am I correct in understanding that we need more light at 1/3? All my units have been dc powered and I have no problems with line lock or sync and I do not undrstand why this is a problem or is it with ac cameras? I appreciate the education Thanks Larry
  2. upsman

    new wireless project

    Thanks I was going to use 1 in 4 out amps 3 or 4, do you have a link to 4 in 8 out? For the cameras link is down but Video Security Inc VDI from TW. I like their line so far for the barns I have done. Can be prchased thru a number of places including cctv imports etc. Price is always important. I use sealed cams, no enclosures, fixed lenses most 2.6 mm 1/4 and 1/3 imagers, no I/r, I am trying to use 420/480 line color and 600 line b/w. i have used some 380 line for clients who need it but cannot afford it. Saddlebrook Barn Cams and Rosigol blow me away on single camera jobs, but i cannot get across to clients we play with different things, you fellas are lucky playing with higher end clients. Farms never have any money for stuff like what you guys do. My bigest project to date, 10 cameras on same farm over 5 miles, wireless to houses, 4 repeaters so either brother can see any barn. I am playing with above avg power levels though, 1 watt at 2.4 Clients are pleased as can be. Never anything over the net as most are dialup and no computers wanted. Thanks for the advice Larry Thanks for the help guys. Larry
  3. upsman

    Camera comments

    Any comments on VDI cameras? Most of my work is such that I cannot use box style cameras being in barns and such and the cost of enclosures are too high. I have experimented with junk and others and I like this line though, any comments? If I understand auto iris is to be used when light conditions change dramatically and you wnat to use the cam outside correct? I have had no use yet for them as my work is confined to dim light, night viewing etc. Even at night had no use yet for I/R cameras as I usulllay have some light in a barn. My understanding is that decent I/R illuminators will fail 6000 hours or so, any comments? Hard to justify in a barn sorry sir need to spend some more money to replace your I/R when a light bulb is cheap. Great forum Larry
  4. upsman

    new wireless project

    Thank You this is a very low cost quad and has no loop thru. For wireless Lan I must confess this is not one of my strong spots but I find most of my farm clients are not interested in a copmuter based system, hence I stick with analog transmission of video/audio. A farmer milking 40 cows has not much use for a pc in the house, but everone has a TV and if I save some trips to the barn well then great. We have introduced the DVR again no remote features, because bulk tanks get tampered with causing spoiled milk, loss of income, heavy penalties and rising insurance. Not for everyone but the larger farms are taking an interest. Thank you for your advice though. Larry
  5. Good Morning I am new to the forum. Operate a part time business installing Barn/trailer camera systems, wired or wireless. Would like some advice form the experts. I will be installing a 4 camera wireless link. I will broadcast in a constant quad format, using a quad processor to drive the transmitter. I wish to take the 4 cameras also to a DVR and I will take the sequential output from the quad and drive to a slave monitor in the shop. My question is for the DVR, do I need to take the 4 cameras and drive them into a video amp/splitter before the qad then send to the quad and DVR or can I just use BNC T's and dump them that way? Cameras will be low light, longest run 200', 1/4 imager, 420 lines 2.6/3.6 mm lens, DVR Mpeg 2. In the past I have used video amps but I was only using a single channel DVR so the cost was not that great. Also any comments on using the motion detection feature of the DVR have any of you had good results? Equipment I am using is from offshore, but I am happy with the quality and the price and my clients aprove. Appreciate any advice Thanks Larry