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  1. Hello, I'm upgrading my existing analog system to AHD and I cannot decide wich 16 ch DVR to buy. atm my hart is hesitating between Huviron SK-NAD16 and Hikvision DS-7216HGHI-SH . I think Huviron is korean and better quoted. I'd like to use some D1 cams (new in box) on areas where HD is not so important and I'd like to see all cameras displayed on main monitor with one using almost all the screen Can you help me take a decision between these two giants? Great thanks for your help or comments. Camomille
  2. Camomille

    5.8 MHz wireless transmitter

    Thank you for guiding me !! You're right about the cost of Acti encoder & decoder !! I found that the card supports many cameras. I will rebuild a working PC DVR system and investigate once it is operational! You really helped me a lot. GREAT THANKS again Greetings to all. Camomille
  3. Camomille

    5.8 MHz wireless transmitter

    Hello, great thanks for ypur answer and sorry for my late reply ! You gave me a goood idea I still have a Avermedia NV748 16 ch hybrid card I can use! All my cameras are "wired". No ip- wireless- cam ! I was looking for a wireless or ip solution for the cameras located at about 80 meters from my office with parkings or macadam ways between. I cannot use coax neither go under the asfalt for cabling these cams I think I still need to find a good device to convert the video signal for tranmitting using a Ubiquiti Airmax 5.8 ghz !! Great thanks again for your answer and the good tip Greetings to all. Camomille
  4. Hello, I have to install analogue wired cams where using balluns & cat cable is impossible due to site nature. Can you recommend me a good 5.8 MHz wireless transmitter:receiver ?* I read here that you like Ubiquity Airmax devices. This could be a good and not expensive alternative but I don't know how to turn the coax video signal into ip ( and from ip back to coax). Great thanks for guiding me Greetings to all. Camomille
  5. Camomille

    everfocus 16 ch DVR

    Thank you for helping me I created an other topic over an Eyemax hd dvr that looks npromising. I'll try to be more patient and will make my choice next week I prefer paying the price for quality ! Once again, I thank you. Greetings to all. Camomille
  6. Camomille

    Eyemax HD-SDI 16 ch DVR

    Hello, while searching for a trustfull hd dvr, I found the following one that corresponds to my choice criteria: http://www.esscctv.com/security-products-661-HDS-NM16-EYEMAX-HD-SDI-DVR-system-16ch-Full-HD-1080p-Real-time-480-FPS-record-HDMI-out.html I found some positive advice over Eyemax on this board. May I ask your opinion about this model? This shop also have affordable nice cameras ! I sincerely thank you for guiding me. Greetings to all. Camomille
  7. Camomille

    everfocus 16 ch DVR

    Hello, thanks for your reply. I'm not so positive about Everfocus anymore. I haven't been able to get any of their demo working. It is also made in China and I read on this board: Can you please guide me with one or two correct HD-SDI manufacturer ( eventually UK or Europe reseller ) I am leaving end of next week and I was expecting to have my system running and recording before leaving. It is still possible if you give me the precious info Great thanks in advance. Greetings to all. Camomille
  8. Camomille

    everfocus 16 ch DVR

    Hello, I'm using iwatchDVR 2 on Android and also on PC. I haven't been able to use CMS (and have not searched further either ) I had good picture using iwatchDVR2 on my Galaxy S, even when I am in Thailand ! The model shown on http://lishigroup.en.alibaba.com/product/1030466601-218773253/LS_VISION_8ch_high_definition_dvr.html has not the same look as mine. Maybe a newer version ?? There is no newer firmware! But what do you think about Everfocus ? I want to buy this 16 ch dvr and a few "non chinese" cameras to test. Please answer this single question: Is Everfocus good ??? Great thanks in advance. Greetings to all. Camomille
  9. Camomille

    HD-SDI Trade offs vs IP

    Hello, just like Suzook, I bought hd-sdi cameras and hd-sdi dvr from China ( LsVision) and I am also disappointed Daylight pictures are much better than D1 but night time pictures are "uncontrasted grey" I am mostly disppointed by the primitive DVR and its poor search fonction possibilities. See my post "Everfocus 16 ch DVR " in this section. I still believe cameras are not as bad and picture can be improved using better settings. The first thing I will change is the DVR. What do you think about the Everfocus 16 ch I want to buy? I already bought from SCT and I trust them. Many people here are using Dahua dvr. I have only found them for sale on Alibaba Is Dahua a better choice? Are there any UK reseller ? I thank you for guiding me. Greetings to all from Belgium. Camomille
  10. Camomille

    everfocus 16 ch DVR

    Hello, I'd be pleased to have your opinion over a good 16 ch HD-SDI DVR I want to buy. I have bought cameras and two 8 ch DVR and HD-SDI cameras from LS-Vision in januari ( http://lishigroup.en.alibaba.com/product/1030466601-218773253/LS_VISION_8ch_high_definition_dvr.html ). Cameras seems to be pretty good but the DVR is very primitive. Nothing similar with the Avermedia pc card dvr I've been using before switching to HD-SDI !!! What do you think about this one: http://www.everfocusonline.co.uk/HD-SDI-CCTV/Hybrid-DVR/16-Camera-HD-SDI Or do you recommend an other good one !! ?? !! I thank you in advance for your tips and help. Greetings to all from Belgium. Camomille
  11. Hello, After a friend deleted Web Viewer from my Iphone, I have problems with reinstall this soft again ;( The "AVer iViewer" available on Apple store requires iOS 4.2 and cannot be installed on my phone ! I remember I had to be inventive when I first installed iViewer on my phone but I totally forgot how I sorted !! Great thanks in advance for guiding me. Greetings to all. Camomille
  12. Camomille

    Reintroducing deleted recordings

    Hello, I am using a NV7480 card and need to watch "old" recordings. Using a "recovery tool", I found *.dvr and *.idx files deleted by the system. How can I watch these recordings ? I put the files in a more recent folder and renamed them without success. Visual or any other search mode does not find any picture for the selected date! Is there any other way or tool to watch, convert or print those "recovered pictures" ? Great thanks for your help or any advice. Greetings to all. Camomille
  13. Very strange problem Before becoming totally crazy or kill anyone, I've chosen the only working solution I tested. For a still unknown reason, I couldn't have a strong enough 12 V DC at the cameras using 2 X 2,5 mm² cable. Too weak for two cameras, even at the end of a 12 meters cable and a 5 Amp psu !! The 220 V AC psu is now placed near and powers the cameras with its own 12 V DC lead and a Power Lead Male 2.1mm to 2 x Sockets only ! And it works !! Maybe I'll discover a stupid error I made from the beginning ! ??? ! I'd really like to know why it did not work !!! Thank you again for the help and good tips you gave me. Greetings to all. Camomille
  14. Great explanation " title="Applause" /> " title="Applause" /> Thank you I think I know what's going wrong and think I've identified the problem located in the last 10 meters of cable. There is already an EVAVB 4 X 16 mm² cable carrying 220 V AC 3 X 63 Amp at a few centimetres or against the pipe of galvanized used for guiding first cables. I'll tell this to my electrical supplier tomorrow and keep you informed !! Great thanks again for your help. Greetings to all. Camomille
  15. Thank you very much for your reply! I've been searching the net over "14 AWG" . It seems this appellation contains a large variety of cable !! I'll wait untill monday and go to my supplier for more info! I made a small test this afternoon. I've cut the "2 X 0.75 mm²" cable keeping the last 10 meters from the cameras. I've connected my psu there but couldn't get 2 cameras working at the same time. There shoud be a problem on this last 10 meters of cable. We will "push" a second metal tube (1/2") under the asphalt and put a correct cable inside. No more place in first tube and no way to get unused cables out since we've "taped" the 4 cables together !!! For info, cameras are Henelec 540VF/820 and psu is a DC12V 5A (not stabilized (one continuous line above a dotted line ) Thanks again for your answer. I've discovered cables I could already use for years !!! Have a nice Sunday. Greetings to all from sunny Belgium. Camomille