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  1. never heard of it, but at first glance looks overpriced.
  2. sviviani

    need help with wireless design

    If by big you mean the master bathroom is bigger than any room in my house, then yes, it is BIG.
  3. First off, I am not a believer in wireless, but I have been given a project in a very high end home, i.e. custom/antique everything. I need to install 5 cameras upstairs and 2 downstairs, there is no way to wire between floors. I may not even be able to wire to the cameras, so I am not sure how to even power these yet. I am considering ip cam on wifi network if I can get power to them, but am looking for any suggestions. Of course they want everything hidden, so I am looking for pinhole or snake cameras. Any suggestions, no matter how off the wall are appreciated.
  4. The insurance requirements do not always come from the customer, they may lease space from a building owner and that is a blanket requirement for working in their building, regardless of what you are doing. It is required from you, electricians, plumbers, even the janitors. I'm not saying it's right, your insurance should be based on what you do, but thats not the way it is, at least not here in California.
  5. I have a still image from a cctv system, it was taken at night and the light used for that area was burnt out. I have a clear shot of the person, but there is alot of noise in the picture, does anyone have any software recomendations to clear up the picture?
  6. go through the wall, alot less trouble in my opinion
  7. sviviani

    LAN bandwidth tester

    can't you do that with 2 computers? or 2 switches and monitor them?
  8. sviviani

    4 out 6 cam's down by lightning

    proper grounding, surge protection, ground fault circiut
  9. you will need to enter your ip:port# something like 123.456.789.145:102 another note, you will need to do this from outside your lan
  10. sviviani

    DVR in car?

    it would be for personal/family security and to a lesser extent corporate security. the setup would depend on the situation, one client may need to be watched for abduction, one for this, one for that. I do not know and have never done in vehicle work before so I am looking for a jump off point to get started. Sorry to pull this topic away from OP but it came as I was thinking about the same subject.
  11. sviviani

    DVR in car?

    Scorpion, can you send me both options, I have a friend in private security and this may be just what he is looking for. Thanks
  12. sviviani

    Good IR illuminators

    # 100' IR Range With 56 Degree Beam Spread # Semi-Covert 840nm Wavelength # Photocell Automatically Detects Darkness to Preserve Energy # Uses 168 LED Light Source For Extended Life # 12VDC Operation for 225$ - nice Eh... the price is right, but those things are pretty obnoxious in appearance. true, but depending on environment obnoxious is not always a bad thing. I would never install these in a house or office environment, but industrial is another story.
  13. sviviani

    CCTV in elevator help

    Thx but I kinda aware about this for long time do u think I was doing job nooooo they did it I just supply and manage and charge was talking mostly to op, his post gave me a diy vibe.
  14. sviviani


    the faster the connection the better. but there are many factors. remember upload and download speeds are different on most isp's. so if you are watching from a t1 connection but the dvr is on basic dsl with say a 350kbs uploadit may be choppy, i say may because it depends on the dvr, compression, qos, and how much motion is in the picture. by motion i mean a picture of a door that is seldom used will look clearer than a parking lot with cars always moving around. That all being said, I would go with at least dsl or cable on both sides, dial up will not work.