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  1. Thank you for the advice guys! I completely understand what you mean when there is a budget involved but I don't need more than 15-20 feet of night time vision as I am only trying to protect my cars and have a camera recording the front door as well as the back door. As far as the 12ga goes... well... I already have one of those but I'd rather not use it
  2. Hello guys! This is my first post on the site and due to yesterday's incidents that happened between my mom and scum bags that hang out in our neighborhood, I decided that I will need to purchase a surveillance system for our house. My budget is $1,000 and I need 4 cameras, with 3 in front of the house and 1 in the back (I will post pictures of the house later and will go into details of the incident if anyone asks). I saw Q-See QSC48030 cameras on Amazon for $130 each and I was thinking of getting 4 of those and then either get a good PCI card for the computer or a dedicated DVR box. I have over 5TB of storage on my hard drives and my computer is very good so it will be able to handle any PCI card. Any recommendations or links to other threads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!