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  1. Hi guys I have been asked if I can send a DVI signal from a piece of surgical kit to our lecture theatre for students to watch procedures. The kit has DVI out and comp out, at first I tried using the comp into a DVR and sending that through. It worked but the Def. was fairly poor compared to this unreal super HD surgical camera and any on screen text was just a garbled mess. the kit has a DVI out port and I am thinking can I get something like a DVI to LAN box of some kind that I can chuck through the network and then receive in the lecture theatre and feed through to the PC in there. (recording that image would also be great as the students can take a copy and look back when it is their turn to start slicing). Have you got any ideas what kit could do this job reasonably well ? Many thanks
  2. Hi gang many thanks for the replies the education centre/lecture theatre that the video will be viewed on is in a separate building hence why I was thinking more along the lines of using the ICT network to fire the video data around. that lindy thing might be ok ? I was thinking, fire the DVI signal out from the robot - send it to the LAN via (insert piece of kit here).. log into a PC in the lecture theatre and link to the image that is being broadcast (recording it too would be a bonus). not done anything like this before, usually its coax into the back of a DVR and off we go.
  3. Lindopski

    Multiple monitor issue

    Hi guys just want to run one by you. In CMS you can set up multiple displays – I have 3 monitors setup with connections to various Avermedia DVRs about the site and till yesterday they all displayed fine. Now however I am just getting monitor output as normal on Monitor one but two and three are just showing the boxes where the cameras should be and a grey eye picture that has no response if you click it. One of the monitors has three camera spaces free at the bottom and the last three boxes say no picture as expected but all the other boxes on screen just contain this grey eye (I assume some aver logo of some kind). Any ideas what that’s all about, I have tried going into settings/camera and repopulating the monitors and you can see all of the cameras populating correctly in the camera settings screen but once you go back to center and then click monitor only monitor one does what it should the other two now just have a nice screen full of grey eye boxes. Atm as a temp fix I have just made monitor one as big as poss and shoved all the important cameras on there and that is working for now. It always worked fine before which is what confuses me just started playing up after a reboot – could crappy gfx cards be the answer or have I missed an obvious setting ? Cheers as always
  4. Hi Gang here is one for you. I have been asked to look at a feed coming from one of our surgical robot units, I haven't seen the unit yet but I believe it has DVI,composite,Svideo ?? outputs onboard. What we are trying to do is fire the signal from the robot over our IP network to enable medical students based elsewhere onsite to watch medical procedures taking place. I have been given till september to find a reliable solution and was wondering if you had any ideas of good quality kit that would be up to the task. I assume a simple converter will be required to enable the signal to transmit. they may ?? also want to have an external IP camera connected too, though that should be a simple IP camera attached to the network affair I am assuming. its a new area for me but I am very interested and would like to get it right in case more interesting jobs pop up that I can take on board. fun times
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    DVR spot monitor issue - avermedia

    Cheers Tom told you I was a novice Ill have a look and see if I can get it on.
  6. Hello guys I have just replaced and older DVR that had burst its capacitors with a new Avermedia SA6032E rack mount. Everything is fine except for the spot monitor output, on the old DVR there was a co-ax cable attached to a monitor on a desk but this new unit doesnt have co-ax out it seems so I am not sure how I need to go about doing this. The only output I can see is VGA, which is linked to the monitor in the security office that the DVR is based in but the co-ax to the desk in the other room has nowhere to go now. Any ideas - Im quite new to this game and a bit of a novice but Ill always have a go.
  7. Hi Tom Many thanks once again 10TB isnt much these days so that is pretty impressive - Ive probably got a couple of TB on my home PC. 4fps will also do us fine I will have to do an audit and check on camera numbers attached to DVRs etc , one of the EB's only had 1 camera attached I recall so replacing with an IP cam should be a simple (ish) affair. Excuse my ignorance but I assume external IP cams are now a possibility. I have only ever seen internal versions previously but I havent looked for ages I must admit. I like the Aver kit and it doesnt give me any headaches apart from the odd dead HDD and the newer AV discs should eliminate that to an extent anyway. Id best get out and do a bit of fact finding on our units - its a bit of a turmoil at the moment as some sites have proposed demolition so we may have spare cameras and maybe DVRs shortly anyway. I think that a total Aver solution though is a good way to go. Just have to convince the purse holders now - Q a few meetings etc with the suits
  8. Hi I have a bit of a dilemma at the moment, I have been asked if it is possible to save CCTV footage for six months at work. We have about 20+ DVRs here and they are scattered around the sites in various different locations, all secure but not all in one place. The devices are a mixture of Dowshu 32 channel units, Avermedia 4,8,16 and 32 Channel units both standalone and rackmounted SA5000,SA6000 etc series At the moment we are getting about a month or so depending on HDD in use, some more, some less. We can view all of the devices remotely fine so maybe there is something in that procedure that will point me in a useful direction. I am assuming some kind of NAS or raid maybe may need to be used or something along those lines. Has anyone come across similar before at all and found a solution that would work. Cheers
  9. Thanks for the reply Tom To be honest we have so little Dowshu kit remaining now we may be able to replace the units if we can prove a decent solution using our Avermedia kit ( the majority of what we use here now anyway) We have two or three of the little 4 channel Aver units - linux based things EB something or other I recall - think one is black plastic and two are blue metal jobbies We have a whole pile of SA5000 series standalone units knocking around and I think three rackmounted SA6000 series units, most of the kit was bought around 2008 though we have bought some more recently - one of the rack mounts is about two weeks old. Dont know if that makes any difference but thought Id mention it. The CM3000 gold option sounds like a plan though, would it just be a case of connecting to all of the remote Avers, and recording all the data to the one server - I assume a fair few TB space would be required for such a server.
  10. Hello All Does anyone know what the default fps is on an SA series DVR to be more specific we use SA5000,SA6000 and the SA6032 I am offsite at the moment but last I recall the only fps adjuster was a sliding bar on the SA5000 that sticks out in my mind - I dont recall a value input or anything like that. I take them out the box and use them as they come usually adjusting only what is neccesary. Is there a default fps or is there a simple way to check. Many thanks
  11. Hello All CCTV Testers ! I need one to lug around to a few DVRs in various locations around my trusts. at the moment I am carrying a 17" monitor and its cables, a keyboard and a mouse. as you can imagine it isnt fun and hence why I am looking at these things, I am a total noob however and dont have a clue what to go for. Is there one out there that would make my life easier and if so which is the best to go for? Many Thanks
  12. Lindopski

    Avermedia SA5108 Recovery Disk

    Hello All I have a problem with an Aver 5108 unit, someone -(domain admins) have put the unit onto our network domain. I think this happened when the hostname was changed to something more suitable than AVER782QZZ4353X11 or whatever it was set to before. Doing this however they have angered the unit and it now asks for an Administrator password each time it boots up. Its not our usual admin password so I thought perhaps AVER have a standard embedded password that crops up. I asked the domain admin to log in and it booted up fine,if I log in with tech access it doesnt boot just moans about me not having enough rights etc. and runs SN telling me that the DVR type isnt recognised or some such message. I log out / he logs in and it works again perfect... so is there a standard AVER password that I can just put in after any reboots/generator tests etc or do I need to recover the unit to factory defaults in which case I will need a disk as our supplier only ever hands out the utils disk as they want the business (wisely) of doing all the restores for the customer. What do you Aver experts recommend FYI I have tried the passwords 8888 and 111111 that I have seen mentioned in the past on other AVER units but no dice.
  13. Lindopski

    Avermedia SA5108 Recovery Disk

    After some faff and research I think I have this one figured out. Its not the aver software that is cheesed off - its the DOM in the SA5108. I need the default admin password for the XP install on the DOM (disk on module) to fix it. Is this supplied or an Aver secret? as this would be the quickest fix Is it possible to wipe the DOM and start again with a fresh install of XP this time using our standard company tech password, install the NVR software on top of that fresh XP install and then attach all the cameras? The SA series are pretty much a PC in a box with a few cameras attached that write to HDD all year round but we dont usually send the pcs back to the manufacturers when XP/vista/7 fouls up hence if I can fix it myself I would rather
  14. Lindopski

    Avermedia SA5108 Recovery Disk

    Cheers Tom, I work in Upton but live in wales. Ill have to get the network admin to login when I catch hold of him it wont let me
  15. Lindopski

    Avermedia SA5108 Recovery Disk

    Hello Tom on first starting up it comes up with the usual bios checks etc then it loads up what seems to be an XP standard login prompt Username : Administrator Password : this is blank and it wants something sticking in there If I login using my domain tech account it continues / pops up with a USB install request - for the keyboard I think and then displays a system prompt telling me that SN had a problem identifying the DVR or something then sits on a light blue xp background style screen doing nothing for hourse. revert back to the login screen - login as a domain admin and it boots up into the DVR server software and works as it would normally. The built in Admin account no doubt would do the same but the embedded administrator account has a password set - presumably by Avermedia. If I had the recovery software I would just roll the thing back to factory default and start again, but I dont think we have a copy as the supplier witholds the disks and charges for this service. its like having a PC but if windows messes up you have to send it back to microsoft to get it fixed - its putting me off Avers I have to be fair.
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    CCTV Testers

    Hello again sorry about the link , not sure why you cant just view it. I think after some digging its a MKM310P(N) cctv tester ? I have looked around and there are loads Rapport II and others also. I am based in the North West - The Wirral actually and CM3000 is a good bit of kit but when the network is playing up I lose comms with some of the DVRs - network issues are the bane of my life CCTV wise every new strategy to block viruses or others ****s up the CCTV good style and the network seems to be changing all the time - new DNS servers and adresses,Domain controller server address changes etc, stuff being blocked on ports and other such nuisances - hence the lugging about with loads of kit. Locally the machines are usually ok its when they hit the network I get grief and thats where CM3000 picks it all up from,or doesnt as the settings all need changing on the DVR's locally (usually the case) I think we must be on CM3000 standard not gold and hopefully now most of the messing about network wise is done life may be easier but a portable gadget would be handy to take around. We dont have any IP cams as of yet - its all bog standard co-ax jobbies which are all usually ok till a jenny test kills a couple
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    CCTV Testers

    Hello and thank you for the replies. I have inherited the CCTV side of things from my predacessor who was a CCTV installer in earlier life. I come from an IT support background and as no one seemed to want to help the security manager with these things I sort of jumped in to assist. We use Avermedia and Dowshu DVRs, mostly Avers now to be honest though we still have a few Dowshu around. One of the problems I find often is that cameras seem to lose connection, so some way of testing them externally from the DVR itself would be handy - equally it would be useful to attach the gadget up to a DVR and see what is on screen. I may still need to carry a keyboard and mouse about but its better than carrying monitors and allsorts I think that some of the issues we get when a Whole DVR is playing up is that there is a network issue of some kind and attending them locally to prove they are online and recording fine helps when I have to hassle the network teams. These DVRs are all viewed remotely at a security office via the network and (in the case of the aver units) Cm3000 software - Cant remember the dowshu one off the top of my head. Any equipment that would help, would be handy to be honest - I could also do with sitting a few courses I think to get up to scratch but for now I have been looking at a few testers but being pretty wet behind the ears its fairly confusing as to what I really need. One of our local stores is doing this one https://web.nhs.net/owa/redir.aspx?C=d24f1146b35741729b9e47c671c651f7&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.moretonalarms.co.uk%2fshop%2farticle_278%2fCCTV-Tester.html%3fshop_param%3dcid%253D88%2526aid%253D278%2526 It looks like it would do the job alright but like I say I am a bit new to it all. Ive gone from the world of ICT to a world of Door security/alarms/mag locks/power supplies/CCTV etc. I love it all but just want to improve and I think think that something along these lines will help me speed things up a bit as at the moment I am lugging about a monitor/keyboard/mouse and the power for it all - usually there is no power near the DVR either which is a right PITA! The laptop idea is good ,but for some base camera testing as well a proper unit might be more use.
  18. Hi guys I use Avermedia units at work (or at least my predecessor did) he had several of these units up and running fine and took me through the basics before leaving. I am experiencing unusual problems since we experienced a mass infection of the conficker/kido virus. I keep losing connection to my DVR's and also can no longer view some through the web browser as I could before. I was wondering A) that the DVRs - mostly the SA series have been infected by the Kido virus as they have xp embedded - is this possible and if so how do i 1) erradicate it and 2) prevent re-infection - I mean how do i put AV on a DVR B) that the Kaspersky Virus killer needs configuring at a server level to allow certain ports through 5550 could be one , though unusually what happens sometimes is I will connect to 2 or 3 DVRs using CM3000 software - they will sometimes niggle but usually connect and then are fine all well and good - several hours later one of them will vanish and lose connection leaving me with several empty black windows where cameras once were. or possibly C) it is all down to the PC being used to view the DVRs remotely and nothing else - possibly the PC has traces of Kido still but I have checked and not found anything now. any ideas from any Aver experts out there ?