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  1. Hi all, Not sure how active this forum still is but if anyone can help me with the following it would be much appreciated! My AVD744 crashed out of the blue and on restarting it just kept freezing with the cameras all showing in quad view but never started recording and didn;t appear to fully initialise. I did a factory reset on the reset pins on the Motherboard and now on booting it goes to a test / diagnostics menu as follows: 1. Background record 2. Test Alarm 3. Test Motion 4. Test HDD 5. Test RTC 6. Test USB Port 7. Test RS-485 8. Test Security IC 9. Test IR 10. Test Call Monitor 11. Test DCC Boundary 12. Test DVD 13. Test Keyboard I appear to be able to get it as far as 9. Test IR by skipping through the tests but it seems to freeze on this one and I can find no way to skip it using either the buttons on the unit or on the remote. Has anyone had experience of this or know how to get through the tests / skip them - or boot without the tests after a reset? Thanks Mike
  2. mbuk

    Avtech 744 adding time

    Don't worry sorted it. I had a time server set and it was syncing to GMT+1 every day at 5pm!
  3. I recently corrected the time on my Avtech 744 when we left BST. I wiped the hard drive as instructed in the manual. Every time I correct it is fine, but when I check it the next day it has gained an hour! I've done it about 5 times now and every time it does the same. Other than deliberately setting it one hour behind has anyone got any ideas? The auto summertime function is switched off so it is not that. Thanks Mike
  4. Hi all, I'm hoping for a bit of advice. I have had a 4 channel Avtech AVC760 for the past 5-6 years but have recently upgraded the cameras to 760TVL. As I am sure you can appreciate the quality of the cameras is put to shame by the pretty poor quality of the recording. What I am hoping is that things have improved over the past 5 years so I can now upgrade, at a reasonable cost, to DVR that can record at a higher quality. Is the increase in quality worth upgrading for? The Avtech has done me well, so probably looking to stay with the brand but any other suggestions welcome and which models? It needs to be networked and have iOS and Android access. I might consider an Avtech IVS DCR to give me the option to add a Avtech IVS camera at a later date - does anyone have any experience of these? If it helps I am in the UK and looking to spend £150 - £300 inc hard drive. Thanks for your help. Mike
  5. All, Just in case anyone else has a similar problem in the future here is how I ended up solving this. By downloading "Netlimiter" software you can restrict the bandwith used by any individual application. By restricting the bandwidth to the viewer application to 200 kps the application has dropped the frame rate down to approx 1 fps. I would still like to know if it is possible to do this without the added software so if anyone has any ideas let me know. Cheers Mike
  6. All, Just wondered if anyone had any tips on lowering the bandwidth usage while remote viewing an AVtech (760 I think). I am staying at a family members house and would like to have remote viewing on all the time (either through the AP or the web interface) however even with the quality and resolution set as low the apps seem to up the frame rate to consistently use approx 1mbps. I don't want to use this much bandwidth if possible, so is there anyway to fix the frame rate or any other way to reduce the viewing frame rate? Cheers Mike
  7. mbuk

    AV760 login problem

    Thanks - I think its going to need a front panel reset. Cheers Mike
  8. I think the 5800 is java enabled so you should be able to run the Eagleeyes or GPRS/3G Supervisor J2ME apps. I use the GPRS/3G app with my N97 and runs no problems, just a bit laggy. Mike
  9. Hi All, I was remoted in to my AV760 creating a new user login in the config settings using the AP. Some how it looks like the amendments I made either wiped out all the users or changed the max number of users to 0. Hence I now can't login - anyone any advice. Has anyone had the same happen. a) is there anyway I can rest the unit remotely? (Im away from home at the moment) b) if I can't do it remotely how do I reset the unit when I get home? Cheers Mike
  10. Hi all, I;m trying to get eagleeyes J2ME working on my N97 - has anyone done it? The installs and runs fine but will not connect. I have it working fine on my W910i so know its not the connection. Thanks Mike
  11. mbuk

    Java client for AvTech DVRs

    Steve, Thanks, let me know how it goes cos I would really love to be using it on my vista laptop. If I can help with any testing, get in touch. A bit more info - the app launches fine and asks for login details. It then goes to the normal screen with the controls and view but only a black screen is shown. The same thing happens if I try and log on using the command line method I know the login is all correct - server e and the avtech java app work fine on the vista machine. Hope you can find the problem! Mike
  12. mbuk

    Java client for AvTech DVRs

    Hi this a great app - much easier and more effeciaent than server E - Thanks Steve I have it running great on my XP machine but can't get it to work on Vista. I have updated my java and still no luck - Any ideas? Cheers Mike