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  1. jjman

    problem with new cctv

    the camera I am not sure who manufacture it the model is the IR 3018. I just borrowed a dvr made by powertech.
  2. jjman

    problem with new cctv

    it is those led camera don't know what kind of lens but on the box I like is made by dsp. or dps It has a 35ft range.
  3. jjman

    problem with new cctv

    no it is the outside could I move it to the other corner of my building which will cut the distance to half.
  4. Hello Everyone I am new to this. I own a autobody shop where sometimes a park the customer cars on the street. Recently I purchased a 2 camera system with 2 outdoor ir camera, a quad w/ vcr. My vechiles was vandalized and I could not really see the vandal clearly the car was parked 75 ft. away from the camera. Will a dvr be better? Don't know what to do just feel like I was jerked.