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  1. I have had an Avtech 785 8 channel dvr for a couple years. it is supposed to be able to let u view the dvr video on your cellphone. i can log into the login screen and get to the "control" screen where the video should be, but it doesn't display for some reason. it may be a phone or browser issue?? The phone is a HTC FUZE for ATT with win MObile 6.1. i have tried with explorer and opera browsers both don't work. Any ideas how to get it to display video? I'm guessing the phone needs to be able to run the video with a certain JAVA?? Thanks, Mike
  2. mikeygt350

    Any one use the midnight cameras? AVC 316

    Hi scorpion, I am in the same boat as you. I am considering the avc-316 david at usag referred us both to, but have asked the same question you have....has anyone else used this camera other than the product dealer? Have you had any luck finding more info about it? I just tried a Nuvico CV-z10n which should have been very good, but I was VERY dissatisfied and sent it back. Have you had any other suggestions such as the AVC-316, but better? Speaking to one dealer, he tells me to go for the Panasonic cw484, but I haven't made the next purchase yet? Thanks, good luck, Mike
  3. Does a power supply usually come with higher end cameras or not? Say $400 plus? Also, is there usually just two wires for the power connection, as oppposed to a center pin connection or something else?
  4. Thanks for the input and email info David. Viewing the live video feed it definitely shows the USAG camera has better light, but the non-moving part of the picture seems to be less sharp than the picture in the lower right. It seems that way to me, but maybe it's not really that way. I may end up trying one of the usag cameras, but was wondering if anyone else out there has had experience with the camera referenced above or has other options?
  5. Thanks for the input. As far as the wire issue, I guess I need to check into whether other problems may exist. As far as the camera issue, I know it is hard to "recommend" certain camera without seeing the area or knowing what exactly is needed, but there must be something out there which "sees" ultra low light images without IR and without distorting so bad. Maybe I need to spend more than $1000, is there anything for less than $2000 which is good at nightvsion for my purpose? this Nuvico can't even recognize a car going by well enogh to tell what type car it is, because it is blurred. I tried setting the dss to about mid range where it still sees good but not at max dss and it helped, but is still "ghosting" such that I'm not too satisfied with it. I'm an engineer and probably way to picky, but maybe there are some other settings I need to mess with?? The instructions book with the camera is worthless! Anyway, any ideas on settings or better yet a camera that will be surface mounted and small and get the good images for under $2000? I know...asking a lot here, sorry. thanks, Mike
  6. continued from last post...I plan to install the camera under the eave of my house and be able to see to the street about 75 or 80 feet away and also the front yard in darkness, only light moon and street light two houses away. I was told by more than one sales person that IR only goes about 50 feet even if rated farther. I believe that, because i bvought a bullet IR that was rated 120 feet that could only see 40 and returned it. That is why i am thinking a ultra low lux (light) camera is for me. I may be asking too much and it is not availablr for under $1000, but figure someone out there has some thoughts. Is this Nuvico cv-z10n about as good a picture I am going to get at night without IR or what are better options? A PTZ would be nice and I will probably get 1 also, but wanted to try fixed first. On another note, it appears the dual cable I bought needs to be bigger wire, because the VD was too much with 100ft cable and camera didn't work when powered through cable, 24vac 2a supply. any ideas on what cable to get to work? Thanks for your help, mike
  7. This probably gets asked a lot, but I really need some advice on what the best quality outdoor camera with night vision would be. I have been reading some threads and there are very knowledgeable people discusing ideas here, so I'm sure there will be different opinions, but that's OK, just need ideas. Here's the situation: I have a system with DVR and four cameras that are BW and night vision with IR (bullets). They don't work to my satisfaction and I would like to replace. I purchased a NUVICO CV-Z10N zoom camera after discussing with many sales people on the phone from inet sites. They were sales people, but some seemed to know what they were talking about. Anyway, got turned on to the NUVICO and got it. My second choice was a PANASONIC WV-484 or something like that. A guy told me it would be better than NUVICO, but I didn't think it had auto focus and wanted that. Now that I have Nuvico, I'm not covinced it is the way to go. It gives a decent picture in day color and can see decent at night when the dss is turned up, but if anything moves like a person or car it ghosts across the screen and is useless. More in next post, this one stopped scrolling...