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  1. Use an old Dewalt 4.5" side grinder that does exceptionally well with the proper disk installed for the job at hand. Fantastic for cutting in tight spots. Tried that with the above tool and I was mildly unimpressed and took forever. Seemed more a novelty for a home owner than a work tool.
  2. Tailbone215

    mini coax los angeles ca

    If your local supply houses you deal with don't have it in stock, they will generally be able to get it for you by the next business day. If you are looking for a way to cut out the locals you will need to order it on-line and have it shipped overnight via Fed-Ex or UPS.
  3. That is one tool I found to be utterly useless and never really found it beneficial for a replacement for anything else I have in my arsenal. Some people swear by them, but they have yet to prove to me it can do anything better than what can be done with basic hand tools. I prefer to travel light and only carry tools that have versatility.
  4. Tailbone215

    Need to design home surveillance system after robbery

    Probably the best solution here is to skip the CCTV and just make sure things such as guns, cameras, jewellery, and other items that require an extra rider on the insurance policy are put on there. Sadly, even if you catch the burglars there are no guarantees you will get all your stuff back. Of course you can still install a cheap CCTV system just for show and a deterrent. Also,a good dog!
  5. Tailbone215

    CCTV Camera Wanted

    Sorry, Bosch cams are made in Portugal. They have a better skillset and value quality and pride in workmanship instead of trying to turn a quick buck. Plus, the Portugese aren't spammers. I just curried another goat and put some scotch bonnets on him. Damn, that goat was definitely high-def!
  6. Tailbone215

    CCTV Camera Wanted

    I put curry on all my goats and haven't lost one yet. Don't waste your money on cheap Chinese cameras as curry is the only solution for the goat.
  7. Tailbone215

    HDCCTV is the new standard

    Cool stuff! LON and BACnet are the way to go. Even the wireless stuff works great for HVAC control. Which system did you install? Sounds like a lot of data being thrown around the building(s). Any bottlenecks around the IP cams and video streaming servers?
  8. Tailbone215

    Power Supply

    Keep it simple! I feel using a good 24vac transformer with a circuit breaker is the best way to go. The cam has the necessary rectification circuitry to handle 24vac, use it. Of course, you can use 12vdc as well. There is no right or wrong answer here, just personal preference. Functional Devices makes some fine and convenient products, especially RIBs, which we have used in the past with great success.
  9. Tailbone215

    Logging multimeter?

    I second the Fluke! Using anything else is like trying to drive a car with square wheels.
  10. Tailbone215

    Why would you change suppliers?

    The simple answer here would be available stock, competitive pricing, and an easy exchange policy for defective merchandise. Frankly, for items I don't need in less than 24-hours, I find it best to cut out the middleman and buy direct on the more expensive items as this cuts out a lot of the game playing some distributors like to play. Of course, always keep open channels with a few local distributors for walk-in counter service. I don't look at any of these issues as "problems" as it is them that are competing for my money. It is too easy to take my business elsewhere should the bullcrap factor exceed my acceptable level of tolerance. That said, it was very rare that I had any problems with distributors as most are flexible and very easy to get along with. Loyalty cuts both ways.
  11. Tailbone215

    Outdoor NVR enclosure

    I'm trying my best to keep is simple. Was trying to avoid a wireless link from the entrance gate to a house several lots down the road. Understand. Since you said you have power and phone at the gates I'm still not following why you would not use the spare(s) pair on the phone line for balun for analog or network or IP cams? For security reasons alone I would do my best to avoid planting an NVR at the source you are trying to view. Plus, how are you or your customer going to monitor the video from these cams if they don't go back to the house? Strange. Also, as you mentioned concerns about this running under CA heat, you will probably have overheating issues in a sealed box. Any ventilated box will be prone to attract dust and insects. Too many issues to cover.
  12. Tailbone215

    Outdoor NVR enclosure

    I don't understand the logic of putting an NVR out where it is unattended and vulnerable to tampering? But, if you insist, you can use and watertight NEMA enclosure of proper size. Here's on ethat is too large for your needs, but it will give you an idea of what is available. http://www.rackmountsolutions.net/Great_Lakes_NEMA_12_Type_Enclosure.asp Hell, if you want total watertight you can hack up a Pelican case. http://www.pelican.com/case_category_mobile_military.php?CaseType=Mobile%20IT
  13. Tailbone215

    Whats in your toolbag?

    Still sitting here trying to decide if you chose those words deliberately! They do work wonders and have so much stretch you can cover a whole cam if you had to.
  14. Tailbone215

    Interference on a short-run (<8 meters).

    I have to agree! There are an infinite amount of mounting possibilities in this situation to make a better install with less effort. Hell, a couple self tapping sheet metal screws work wonders.
  15. Tailbone215

    Whats in your toolbag?

    A 12-pack of condoms. You never know when you need to keep something dry when working in wet environments.