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  1. jbbrescia

    options for using an NV5000 in home automation

    Hello, the only way for you is to use the SDK and modify the html code to put inside you personnal ip login password directly in the code source. That work , if you can enable the active-x support on you touch panel (what is it ? model ?) that will work in live !! and not in refreshing jpeg file, it will be realy live and fluid. sorry for my english, i try to explain as better i can. i put a post in the forum about the SDK for the NV product. After that just open the .html file stored in a web site or on NAS in your home and be happy " title="Applause" /> Regards
  2. jbbrescia

    Avermedia DVR EBxxxx SDK

    Hello biodesign, The SDK i posted in my last post work great with my EB1304NET so it's an EBxxxxxx serie With what model did you try to make it running ?
  3. jbbrescia

    Avermedia DVR EBxxxx SDK

    Hello, I have the NV_SDK it work as it is, because it's not realy stable like say others. the great news for me was the possibility to configurate an camera video access directly from the web without any login and password en direct live enable inside a simple windows to make my personal web page to see live when i'm outside. i used it too, to creat the first one iphone viewer for me and my client only, i never see the result to avermedia. so if you need it you can find it to this link, i put it for you to the web. => http://rapidshare.com/files/343106149/NV_SDK_7.3.0.11.rar.html It work on my NV5000, so others NV will be working And my EB1304NET work great with it Be carefull, when you setup the html code, if someone go to the the .html page when you done your personnal setup ! and make "view the html code" in any web browser All people will see the IP, login, port and password in normal type, so they can go back to your dvr with ibackup and stole all the video they want ! or use "remote isetup" to make what they want ! Ps: sorry for my bad english, i'm french and i just finished my 5th beer
  4. Why not different way 1.Get capture card with video input (compatible with MCE) 2.Feed output from Aver to it map video input to one of Ch on your MCE Tuner 3.Watch anywhere in your home That what I do at home With Sage Media server -------------------------------------------------------- Hi, That's a very good idea to do it differently ! but, in my pharmacy i've got an EB1304NET (stand alone) and i don't want to make this biggest machine ! but thanks for the idea it's always nice too see how lot of different way we can use to do the same result And sorry for my english guys. JB
  5. Yes in deed, i will try it on the green button, why i don't think about it Thanks
  6. no answer, so i'm working on it, and we can have an add-in for MCE to see in live avermedia camera soon.
  7. jbbrescia

    Just upgraded to 7.5.. now playback is jarbled?

    Hi, me too, can you tell me where i can find the 7.3 link to download it ? and the 7.5 webviewer doesn't have any more screenshot button in live view or playback i d'ont remember, but one of them is missing. thanks for your help
  8. Hi everybody, First i would like to appologie about my bad english, i'm french and i thinks a realy have find the only one forum where i hope to find some answers. So, this the story, I user of mediacenter about long time ago besause all my stuff are ready to use with it and all my house is connected with mediacenter and mediacenter extender's. It will be very very interesting to know how we can modify something to insert directly an object html balise the link of the dvr server, the channel ans the username ans password to have a live preview of the cams Before create an add-on, it will be very important to get the video inside an personnal html page we can create, but i think avermedia use javascripts ???? Some one of ingenieer of other can answer me or it's realy not possible ? i spok many time with Mr Dong from avermedia france but they can't help me about this. Same about the 3GPP possibility inside the 7.5 release, any people can say how to make it working ? Sorry for my english and thanks for your help.