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  1. davidusag

    Any one use the midnight cameras? AVC 316

    Hi Scorpion, The AVC-316 is true 3-Axis so it can be mounted on ceilings and walls. We recommend our wall mount bracket for outdoor applications. The Midnight is a low light camera and can show color video, without slow shutter, in lower light than any product we have tried against it. In pitch black, the Midnight will not perform, but you will be surprised how little light you need to get good color performance. We will be coming out with other models of the Midnight soon, including bullets, indoor domes and professional cameras. Stay tuned.
  2. USAG's AVC-316 Midnight Ultra Low Light may be just what you need. We do not sell directly to end users, but, if you call us at 1-888-987-2446, we will get you in contact with one of our dealers. The Midnight should come well within your budget. We offer free online demos of the Midnight. The demo is live over the Internet, and compares the Midnight directly to other major brands' low light solutions. The demo shows the Midnight significantly outperforms the competition in both color reproduction and low noise under low light conditions -- you can see the results for yourself. This demo was recently certified as a fair test by Jim Gompers (please feel free to google him for his qualifications). We have a moving train in the demo to prove that no slow shutter tricks are going on, which is probably causing the blurring effect you are seeing now. Hope this helps, David