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  1. Daryl733

    DVR to record to MP4 files

    HIKVISION DVR seems to be able to fulfill your requirement. Records in MP4 format with h.264 compression. - See Above Saves the file to a removable storage media (USB stick, USB drive, or Memory Card). - USB Stick/Drive Allows for the playback of the recorded MP4 files on a Windows based PC, directly from the removable media, without conversion or other modification. - Yes. Can play on VLC Player without conversion. Will save the video files in 30 or 60 minute increments without loss of video between the files. - Not too sure about this. There's a setting for this but I personally never tried it. Records at a minimum of 720p at 20 fps. - Yes, use with 720P cameras. Places a visual time stamp on the video displaying hours, minutes, and seconds. - Yes. Supports storage media that allows for the capture of, at minimum, 24 hours of video at the resolution and rate above. - Yes
  2. Anyway, let me apologies to you. It's getting too tiring for all these. This site doesn't pay you or me to come and offer our experience or advice. It's more of us voluntarily coming here to come here to share our experience. Even with years of experiences, there are always new things that I can learn from others. Suppose to be a break from routine work. I was pissed at you for repeatedly claiming I gave bad advice when yours doesn't work. If it does, I would had taken a step back and learn from it. Anyway, it doesn't really matter that much now. Should had just ignored your claims and move on. Let me say sorry again. If we can move pass this, then it's good. Otherwise, as you said, we are thousands of miles apart, it doesn't really matter. Sensorcomb is not a company. It's a brand that we use for the ProActive Monitoring engine. It's still under the same company at the moment. Btw, where did you read in the T&C that we'll pass on the information to another company ? Let me know so I can get my legal to amend that. That's never the purpose. The compulsory FREE subscription applies to DVR only. It allow us to keep track of equipment operation status so that we will be able to detect any fault with the system before customer realized it and provide ProActive Warranty instead of a ReActive one.
  3. DOMICOPE , do feedback if the the app works. It would be helpful to others to see if there are 3rd party app for DVR.
  4. Daryl733

    Nextchip NVP2421 vs NVP2440H

    Just take note, don't trust the specs you see on china's product, especially those unknown brand. A lot of time, they just copy the specs from other equipment's brochure without any idea what the specs meant.
  5. Daryl733

    Newbie Help please

    I am assuming you had set it successfully to view live on iVMS-4200. Check User account use for playback have remote playback authorization. There's 2 authorization. Local Playback and Remote Playback. You can playback in local doesn't mean remote playback is allow. Not likely, but check if your Network speed is fast enough. Could be live is using substream and when you playback, it's playing back using main stream.
  6. Daryl733

    Does this camera exist?

    Just hook up a wireless IP Outdoor camera to a solar kit. If you are prepared to change battery every few days, you can use those 100aH batt which can last a few days depending on the equipment you use. If you are looking at longer time before maintenance, hook it up to a fuel cell. If you want a longer range wireless, get a wired IP camera and hook it up to a long range Wifi WAP.
  7. Daryl733

    Motion Detector Signal to Cell Phone

    Most IP Cameras and DVR/NVR allow you to trigger an email whenever motion is detected. You'll just need to set it up. However, do note that most Motion refers to Video Motion. This mean that any changes in the video beyond a preset parameter will trigger the event. e.g. Curtain flapping, car light shinning into the house at night, lightning, fan moving, trees swaying, or shadow cast by moving objects. You'll multiple unrelated events alerts throughout the whole day, everyday. Video Motion is mainly meant to trigger higher quality recording rather than an alert event. If you want to receive less false alarm, look for IP Cameras that has a build in PIR sensor and you can use it to trigger alert. It'll only trigger when it detect body heat movement. To send our SMS, you can subscribe to those SMS services and have the email sent to the services and convert to SMS. Some system support direct sending of SMS , but you'll still need an account with those SMS Services, e.g. http://burstsms.com.sg/, etc. SMS is not free. Email is.