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  1. I'm running the Kodicom Diginet 4.13 software on my PC and want to set up SMTP email notifications but can't get it working. It looks like I can only send it through unencrypted SMTP. Is there a place where I can use SSL? I think when I try unencrypted my ISP is blocking port 25. If anyone here has this working can you please let me know? Thanks
  2. IP Cam Viewer works with Kodicom 4400 systems.
  3. I searched the forums and couldn't find an answer. Can someone tell me of an inexpensive 4 channel PCI DVR card that I can access through an Android device? Thanks
  4. The cameras in my Diginet Site are black as well. This is why you have to launch IE. For me I see the cameras in IE.
  5. I know this is an old post but I figured it might help some people. I was in the same situation you were in and figured out a ghetto way of seeing the cameras from my android phone. Basically this is what I did using a product called Splashtop which is really basic to setup. 1. Make sure you can view your cameras locally in IE. 2. Install the Slashtop Streamer on your machine with your Diginet server. 3. Make your default homepage in IE on this box point to your webserver page webdvr.html. 4. Install the Slashtop client on your Android device. 5. Launch the client and connect to your Splashtop Streamer. 6. You will bascially be in an RDP session now simply launch IE and there are your cameras. This will work over 3G as well but will need a bit more work. Slashtop has a page on how to do this. http://support-remote.splashtop.com/entries/514213-how-do-i-connect-to-my-home-computer-outside-from-home-via-remote-network-or-3g
  6. I actually found the answer by myself. You have to find the dpassword file and then delete it. Then restart the program.
  7. I have a Kodicom 4400 series DVR card and forgot my password. Is there a way to reset it? I tried everything. I uninstalled, reinstalled. Deleted reg keys. And still nothing. I don't want to reinstall my OS. Is there a way?
  8. Ah true, makes sense. I'll give it try and see how it goes. before you damage a good camera no it will not work. first does your camera turn B/w at night ??? then you are going to get bad picture quality in the day from feed back from your leds from the dome. as your leds will be on 24/7. then the range of your ir. the one posted is 5m ..... how high is your camera Yes my camera does go black and white at night. And my camera is 8-9 feet from the ground.
  9. Ah true, makes sense. I'll give it try and see how it goes.
  10. I bought a Dome camera without LED's and now want to see if I can add LED's this to my camera. This is the illuminator: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.31578 The camera is 12v and this Illuminator runs off 12v. Can I just splice the 12v power I have going into the camera to power this? or do I need a separate line to power it?
  11. Crap I spoke to soon. I got it working from my windows mobile device using the diginet pda software. Connecting to my dyndns address. But when I try connecting to the same address from a browser remotely I get a connection failed. It doesn't make sense.
  12. Thank you so much! I got it working. It was the damn router management port. As soon as I changed that to a different port number it worked!
  13. Oh awesome! Thanks for your help. I will give this a try today.
  14. My DVR is PC based. I have a Netgear WNR2000 router. I'm using cable internet from modem to router nothing special, pretty basic connection. I don't have phone box. Maybe I'll try changing port 80.