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    RG59 Siamese Cable Prices

    I will say this seeing we sell a lot of cable online. The cable that you are buying for the $125 price you should really look at the spec sheets details. I knew exactly who you were getting from when you showed the AL foil on the inside. The cable that you are buying is what is call CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum). What they do is coat the Aluminum cable with a thin coating of copper. If you had the 100% copper cable and CCA cable next to each other you would most likely not be able to tell the difference just by looking at the cable. The cable that is advertised on E-Bay for $55 including shipping not only is CCA with the AL foil but if you read the spec sheet the 18 AWG 2© is also CCA. So even the power cable is not 100% copper. A lot of the cable on the market place is very misleading and hard actually see the specs. We had to order some of the cheaper cable in just to figure out how people could charge so little for something they were listing as "copper". We import CCTV cable by the container so if you have any questions about CCA just let me know. Also to answer your original question about the outdoor cable. You will want to find a cable with a UV coating on the outside. We did stock it for awhile but there are times of the year (Summer) that the supplies just run out of the true outdoor cable. The normal CCTV cable will work but plan on it lasting 2-5 years. Hope this helps!