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  1. macrouser

    ZMX-16 T057 Multiplexer Manual

    Thanks, this is the correct manual
  2. Hello, Ive been all over the internet looking for a manual percificaly for the ZMX-16 T057 multiplexer 16 cam, unable to find it and woundering if anyone would have it or has come across it? Kind Regards Shaun
  3. macrouser

    Who doesnt have night vision!

    I had some night vision leds in my front cam, but they wasnt good enough so well i decided to do it my own way and thats lightup the whole of my house heres a screenshot
  4. macrouser

    Emergency Lighting

    Hello, I want to make a cheap emergency lighting out of the stuff i already have here, Ive got a spare UPS, Its designed to hold 2 loads e.g pc and monitor, How long would it last for if i was to place a normal lamp on it?
  5. Get the latest windows updates, and try revisiting the viewer
  6. How do you think this will revolutionize the future as we see it?? Pointless, My windows 95 machine does better than that! and its made by microsoft!!!!
  7. macrouser

    Why Port forward over VPN?

    I disagree i found it easy setting up VPN's there quite easy to be onist, you can find a free tutorial at itidiots . com Its only setting up the encryption thats a bugger to get setup but once you learnt it the first time its easy Regards Shaun
  8. macrouser

    System Component Requested

    IP Cams & Ebay
  9. macrouser

    need advice for a system in a garage

    I can solve all this, but the first thing i spotted was that your on a ADSL connection, and you wish to store images on a FTP somewere else, id give it 3hrs before the ISP cap your connection because your using to much bandwidth... It be more better if you used cable, not a telephone line Kind Regards Shaun
  10. macrouser

    Glare from road blinding camera

    I agree