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  1. marty

    Question over night image

    alawil, This is address of your image. http://i592.photobucket.com/albums/vv284/alawil/Image20090818_02.jpg Use Img button. Click Img, paste image address, click Img again. Like this: [img=http://i592.photobucket.com/albums/vv284/alawil/Image20090818_02.jpg]
  2. marty

    Building Management system

  3. Take it apart as much as you can then let a fan blow on it for a few days. This worked on a cell phone that was washed in the washing machine.
  4. marty

    Question over night image

    Try to upload image and get same error. Upload to http://photobucket.com/ or any place on internet. Click Img, paste image address, click Img again. Like this: [img=http://photobucket.com/albums/your_image.jpg]
  5. Go to eBay search for (lipstick camera) I see them for about $12 to $25. Real camera can be used as a dummy. Or get tube of lipstick from your wife and make your own dummy camera.
  6. marty

    Panasonic Bullet Housing

    http://panasonic.com/business/security/support/ntsc.asp Panasonic Security Systems has a dedicated National Technical Support Center (NTSC) to provide our customer base and sales network with the highest levels of technical support and service. Technical Support NTSC Technical Support Hotline Phone: 1-800-528-6747 (option 2) Fax: 1-888-809-6198 9am - 9pm EST M-F Or via the Internet E-mail: psditech@us.panasonic.com
  7. How hard was it to put in that Ademco 20p? I bought one with all the parts a year or so ago and it seemed complicated. Its been sitting on the floor all still in the box in my study. Before starting your install. Read the instructions. Sit down and spend a week reading. Not sure about Ademco Vista 20P? But I think programming will be easier if you go buy the $100 key pad. [alpha keypad]
  8. Stronger magnet is magnetic Pick Up Tool used by auto mechanics. Another use for coat hangers is cut them into 3" sections. Use as drill bits. I drill down next to wall, then remove drill from coat hanger bit. Leave bit in floor. Go down in basement to see where you at. Also don't forget the small trained monkeys to pull wire over suspended ceilings and other hard to get to places.
  9. Don't forget coat hangers and small chain tied to string. Use magnet taped to coat hanger wire to find chain inside walls. I use magnets from burglar alarm door switches. Wire fishing is fun!
  10. all links to online stores are removed as per the forum rules: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=3147 Sorry about that Rory. Did not read the rules. Update on my search for cameras. Email Suky, and place that advertize with banner on top of this forum. Also called place that mail me catalog. Recommendations were all over the place. High and low prices and all different recommendations for lens. Just to refresh your memories here is satellite view of Two car garage that faces alley. Alley is narrow one lane road. To cut down on cost I have decided to use fewer cameras. What do you all think about one camera to view license plates? Here in New York cars have front and back plates. Green triangle, entry door. 6 ft. (D), 5 ft. (W), Focal Length Required 5.76 mm Red triangle. Hope to get license plates with this camera. Camera will be mounted about 8 foot high. 22 ft. (D), 8 ft. (W), Focal Length Required 13.2 mm, Higher mm number might be better? This is the important camera. Without license plate numbers, cops will never find bad guys. Yellow triangle. Want to see who is dumping mountains of trash in vacant yards across the alley. 40 ft. (D), 64 ft. (W), Focal Length Required 3 mm Looking at camera manufacturer web sites. These web sites look way more professional then online stores web sites. Better web site might mean better quality equipment? Here is chart of cameras that I see in Tri-Ed catalog. Sorry about large image size. Go here to see chart on new page in browser. http://voltev.com/cctvforum/camera_chart01.gif Any one have any suggestions as to what cameras to buy? Cameras not on chart are fine. Any one want to sell me equipment? Got $$$$.
  11. marty

    would this roof ventilator work??

    Correct I agree. Correct but but I would say pull the air out. That's why we call it exhaust fan. Exhaust fans installed properly on a roof don't leak. Best to suck cold air in at bottom and blow hot air out at top. I have been told that I am "Full of hot air"
  12. marty

    would this roof ventilator work??

    wozzzzza, Soffit and ridge vents as per the code where you at. Ask the building inspector. Questions are free. That's why you pay taxes. Look at this - Solar-Powered Exhaust Vent Go here to learn about ventilation http://www.solutionsforair.com/dayton_content/pdfs/VentilationFundamentals.pdf To calculate the CFM required to adequately ventilate an area, divide the room volume by the appropriate “Minutes per Changeâ€
  13. Looks like another SPAMMER that made it an easy decision for me deciding on whom never to buy from. Thanks suky. Thanks for the reply to my question Suky. Put this project on hold but STILL do need to buy equipment. Look at ##### See lot of cameras, but do not see any brand names Look at ##### paper catalog from local place, see lots of brand names. Look at government cameras looking at me. See Pelco http://www.pelco.com/ Suspect ##### is selling equipment from China? The eBay stuff I looked at seems to all come from China or some where far away. I in USA, Buffalo, New York. Why does China stuff have no brand name? Is the brand name equipment the same as the no brand stuff form China. I got no knowledge on cameras and recording equipment. But DO want to see the license plates of people who do evil deeds. What to buy? and where to buy from? Just curious? Why does someone write ##### over links to places to buy CCTV stuff from? I am not selling anything. I am still more confused as ever as to what equipment to buy
  14. OK Suky - See some manuals here - ##### Not sure if I see manuals for all the products you sell? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please go back to first post in this topic and recommend 4 cameras that will do what I want. Note different Focal Lengths Required. Also please note that my knowledge on CCTV is very limited, so if what I ask for will not do what I want please let me know. If you list SKU #s I will have easier time finding stuff on your web site. Any ?s please let me know
  15. Suky, Zmodo Great now we have a brand name. Should make some mention of that on your web site. http://zmodo.net/contacts.html Your Zmodo web site needs some work. Home page is broke http://zmodo.net/index.html Can I view manuals for the products you sell?