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  1. spytown

    Need Help! Installation Company?

    You may also want to reach out to http://www.prosound.net/ they have multiple locations, including Orlando. they are very reputable, and been around for a long time.
  2. spytown

    Replacement for Bosch DVR-16L

    you may want to consider the new digital watchdog DW-VF960H 960h series dvr. the 16 channel can certainly be purchased with a 2 tb hard drive. follow this link http://dwcc.tv/product_Dvrs/dvrs_main.asp?ID=108&category=Stand Alone
  3. spytown

    Vicon help

    you may want to call Vicon directly at 800-645-9116 they have a great tech support team and should be able to help you troubleshoot these issues.
  4. spytown

    Help to get rid of large monitor

    you can not replace the monitor. all those cameras are feeding into those rj11 connections on the back of that monitor. what you can do, is utilize the bnc video output of that monitor and feed it into the video input of another flat screen monitor that also has a bnc connection. to view it remotely, you would have to utilize the video output of the monitor and feed it into a dvr that has internet access.
  5. spytown

    Analog Everfocus Cameras

    go to this website enter user1 for the username and 11111111 for password look at camera 4 , it is the ed730 , which is the same as the ed710 but with ir's, but resolution is exactly the same.
  6. that camera is not an ip camera its analog, in fact it is being replaced by the new DWC-V4363D snap-it series vandal dome • 1/3” CCD •620 TV Lines [b&W], 600 TV Lines •3.3~12mm Varifocal Auto Iris Lens •Electronic Day and Night •Smart DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) •DRC (Dynamic Range Compressor) •Star-Light (Super Low Light Technology) •HME (Highlight Masking Exposure) •Programmable Privacy Zones ( & Motion Detection •Easy Icon Driven OSD Menu with Built-in Joystick •IP68 Certified (Water Submersible) •Junction Box Included •UTP & RS-485 Built-in •Auto Sensing 24VAC/12VDC with Line Lock •Secondary Video-BNC Output
  7. spytown

    Connecting cables to get longer length

    to connect the 2 bnc (video) connections on each cable, you would want to use an inline splice, also known as a barrel connector , which has 2 female bnc connections on it, they usually sell for about $1.00 each, the power connections should mate up already..
  8. spytown

    Do Pinhole Camera Use a Type of CCTV Lens

    the pinhole lenses are cctv lenses, but not the standard c or cs mount, they are "d" mount , these are also known as "m12" style .
  9. spytown

    Analog Everfocus Cameras

    that would be an excellent choice. they are 720 lines resolution and day night. we have some up in our showroom areas and sell tons of them here at spytown
  10. spytown

    Replacing cameras at my Fire Department

    the samsung camera you mentioned is not varifocal, only fixed at 3mm. do you need a varifocal lens for different views from your multiple locations? there are "eyeball" style cameras that have varifocal lenses 2.8-12mm and come in white with 36 ir's that are under $100.00 also.
  11. spytown

    Indoor camera

    you may want to consider the KTC day night pinhole board camera KPC-DNR700HP1 its specs are 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD II High-Resolution of 550 TVL 3D DNR (3D Digital Noise Reduction) Digital WDR Digital Day&Night Privacy Mask OSD with Built-In Joystick Controller Compact Size of 30mm(W) X 30mm(H) Extreme Clear Cutting Edge Picture RS-485 Support
  12. spytown

    Elevator Cameras

    Speco has a nice hi-res camera for that application. it is part number CVC-607EXCM/2.5 , and can be seen here http://www.specotech.com/cart/products/productDetails.asp?prodID=704
  13. your link was probably deleted because you showed it on a distributor (2mcctv) website, not from the manufacture site direct.
  14. look at this one from CompuVideo , part # DSP-4000 . if interested just PM me for price. thank you. - Howard - SpyTown http://compuvideosystems.com/spec_sheets/DSP-4000spec_sheet.pdf
  15. since you cant receive pm's , you can place your order directly on the spytown.com site . you can call me at the number shown at that site , and i will do my best to see if there is anything additional i can offer to you. thank you. Howard