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  1. uaichina

    swann camera night vision stopped working

    Hi, Just move the DC12V PSU nearby the camera. I bet the distance from camera to DC12V is more than 1 meter. When IR light begin to work, the power consumption is large, at this time, the PSU can't give enough power to camera. That's why camera turn off, but IR light still working. Larry
  2. IP camera or analogue camera? Do you need zoom function? What's the alarm working way with your door sensor?
  3. uaichina

    Help with RS485 for PTZ camera

    If protocol, baud rate and address all right between DVR and PTZ. There are two kinds of problems may lead to PTZ out of control. 1. The RS485 chip on PTZ can't work with the RS485 chip on DVR. 2. The distance is a little far from DVR to PTZ. The RS485 signal from DVR can't touch PTZ. At this time, you should add one RS485 repeater.
  4. uaichina

    1/3 sony 700 tvl effio 36 osd adjustments

    Maybe you can spend a little time on application manul. As the old version of OSD menu control show there was one reset selection. There should be one preset point operation which can reset this PTZ dome camera. Which kind of PTZ dome camera you have? If 36X optical zoom, the price should not cheap.
  5. uaichina

    Lost DVR Admin Password

    Usually, there is one default username and password with every DVR. You can try, username admin, password: 888888 That's most of DVR factories default setup. UAICHINA
  6. uaichina

    Made in China CCTV

    Which kind of analogue camera you want? PTZ or box camera? If you want to order box camera, CMOS or CCTV sensor? SONY 4140+673? UAIChina
  7. uaichina

    Swan infrared not working!

    Hi Not voltage,you need to test the Max. current the PSU supply. As far as I know, some supplier print DC12V 2A, but the ture current is only about 0.6A at most. This kind of PSU is very easy out of work. You'd better find one DC12V 3A PSU to test your camera again. UAIChina
  8. If the camera can support both DC12V and AC24V, there must one bridge chip inside which can transform 24V to be DC12V. If the distance from PSU to camera is closed, you'd better use DC12V that can make the camera working more reliable. If the distance from PSU to camera more than 2 meters, you should select AC24V for the transmission distance of AC24V is much longer than DC12V. UAIChina
  9. uaichina

    PTZ Issue

    Possible problem 1: Camera module video output problem. There is one output capacitance on the video output circuit. If this capacitance is weak, camera module will lost image after minutes working. Possible problem2 : The votlage to camera module less than 9V. Sometime, the problem is from PSU, but if the pan/tilt still can be controlled, the PSU must be good. Normally, the working voltage of camera module is 9-12V. (Only SONY can suffer up to 15V). If the working voltage less than 9V, camera module will lost picture, but still can zoom in and out, just the main chip out of work. There are one 9 pin cable which be used to connect camera module and main PCB. 1 RXD; 2 TXD; 3 GND for (RXD and TXD); 4 DC IN; 5 GND for DC IN; 6 VBS OUPUT; 7 GND for VBS; 8 V LOCK PULSE; 9 GND for V LOCK PULSE You'd better take a check with the output voltage between PIN 4 and PIN 5. If the voltage less than 9V or more than 12V, you'd better stop wasting time on this PTZ. Already out of your ability to repair it. UAIChina
  10. uaichina

    Swan infrared not working!

    Seems the problem is from the power board of IR led. The power board in charge of power supply to all LED light. I suggest you take a check with the PSU of camera kit also. If the power supply unit can't supply enough voltage to camera, the Led power board can't supply enough current to IR LED also. Maybe the distance from PSU to camera is far a bit. Check the output voltage at camera side. Swann always focused on cheapest CCTV products. No surprise with the problems. UAIChina
  11. uaichina

    Made in China CCTV

    Which kind of CCTV product you are looking for? Tiandy is good with PTZ and matrix, but high price. Dahua, HIKVISION are good with recording equipment, box cameras are just so so. Dali is IR and DVR. Maybe you should come to CPSE UAIChina
  12. uaichina

    Green Screen of death! Dahua IP PTZ

    You'd better send it back to your supplier. I met the same problem in before. The built-in system can't begin to work. The only way to make it work is re-write program. That's like we install WINDOWS operation system. If the operation system installation with problem, the system can't work. UAIChina
  13. uaichina

    control spectra 3 with dvr

    There several setup must be the same between DVR and PTZ as followed: 1. Protocol: For you is Pelco-D 2. Baud rate: For you is 2400bps; 3. Address: For you is address 1; 4. Series port bit : Normally is 8; Please check your DVR. Is it totally the same as PTZ setup? If still out of control, please check the RS485 A and RS485 B cable. Make sure the A and B is connected on the right port. UAIChina
  14. uaichina

    Fastest PTZ quick focus

    Hi This Larry Yang As your question, you need think about two points; 1. The fast turning speed of high speed pan/tilt dome. 2. one good camera module which support quickly auto focus. Normally, we only need PTZ to trace human or car on application. So the moving speed of PT dome depand on where you want to install it, and the distance from PTZ camera and be traced objection. Our high speed dome camera can turning up to 220 degree per second at 1X zoom. That's fast enough. About the well auto focus, I suggest you take a check with our 27X camera module. This module support WDR functions, can focus well within 0.2 second. Regards Larry Yang