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  1. Biphase

    Bosch 600 Series

    The Divar 600 outputs an RTSP stream. Get a app on your phone that view RTSP and you can watch the cameras via that. This should be in the manual.
  2. Biphase

    BOSCH remote view/client software

    http://products.boschsecurity.us/en/TAMS/products/bxp/SKU21249921392960123531-CATMroot Click on Software(13) Control Center 2.34 is what you want.
  3. Biphase

    Bosch Sens-up settings

    Sens-up aka frame integration. If you want to get rid of blurry images, maybe try IR or more light in the area.
  4. Go to boschsecurity.us Online prod catalog Cameras PTZ Click on a series 300, 500 Then click software link You can download Configuration Tool for Imaging Devices. CTFID....it will allow you to connect to your dome, control it and set shows. It does not matter what protocol you set shots...bosch or pelco. The shots are stored on the cpu controller. Oh and there is a manual for CTFID, it walks you through how to connect. Once you get your shots programmed, hook it back up to your DVR. CTFID operates with either 232, 485 or using a special tool, VP-USB.
  5. Bosch released iPhone app a few weeks ago. Search for bosch on itunes store and spread word to your dealers and customers. Its free. It will grab mjpeg feed from any bosch IP camera or encoder. Works best on wifi.
  6. Biphase

    Recommendation - camera for bright sunlight background

    You could keep it Bosch...go with a Dinion 2X. 20 bit processing, smart BLC mode for whole scene. WDR.
  7. Rory what were the best products and what is junk?
  8. Biphase

    Bosch Autodome LTC 0728/20 control help!

    G3 dome - it should go trough a homing sequence. Do you get video? How many dip switches are up top under the cap? 4 or 8? if its 8, probably doesnt do 485. Dip switch 2 did the 232 or 485 selection, but I can tell you that the 485 wasnt as reliable and ready until the later years of making it. Look for a date code or if you do get video, check the firmware on the video - should pop up. Although, my first thoughts are that if your dome is not moving, probably does not work properly.
  9. Biphase


    What do you mean by that? The autodome is onvif compliant.
  10. Biphase

    Bosch AutoDome Series CGI Command.

    This will help you. http://resource.boschsecurity.us/documents/VIPX1600XFModul_ConfigurationNote_BVIPAndCGI_enUS_T4984618379.pdf
  11. Good luck on this. Taking an NTSC signal and turning it digital - doesn't work out to great.
  12. How are the analog PTZs hooked up? Are they connected to the encoders? What protocol is the encoder set to? How does it move in the webpage? Did you put the 120 ohm resistor at the camera?
  13. How is your encoding profile setup? What resolution - target and max bit rates, i frame distance? What encoder type and firmware? The current bosch line does interlacing on 4CIF, this is standard. Bosch NBC cameras do progressive scan, not interlaced.
  14. Biphase

    Stream in VLC

    Download the latest revision of VLC. Reboot your IP camera. Connect back up - possibly bring it down to a crossover cable connection. You might not have dirtectx, enough vid memory, idk...try a different PC.
  15. Im shocked. No one mentioned using RTSP with VLC media player? Sure the laptops are cool, but if you dont already have one, its extra $. 1. Tell us the IP camera - so I can tell you the address to the stream.