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  1. Designssnet

    NJ area storefront

    Look at this site www.elcorvideo.com, they have a branch in Fairfield NJ speak to the branch manager Allen, he is a specialist in CCTV...
  2. Designssnet

    Getting started

    Check out my designss.net for training.
  3. Designssnet

    Are the Nuvico Products good?

    I have used their product on multi designs and have not had any problems. look at Speco DVR if you need a cheaper DVR... David...
  4. Designssnet

    CCTV Certification

    Looking for training? Check out my website @ www.designss.net My hands on training provides applicants with the knowledge of various Surveillance Systems; from basic Analog Recording to the most advance Digital Recording Systems. This program gives all applicants preparation for field experience. Upon successfully completion of our training program, all applicants will receive a certificate of completion in Analog/Digital Surveillance.
  5. Designssnet

    Nuvico or Wizkid Vandal Proof IR domes?

    If you looked at my threads today, you would have also seen that I do recommend the Sanyo dome camera. I have used the Extreme and Sanyo dome cameras in many designs, but found the quality of Nuvico cameras and their pricing puts them in a league by themselves… Best regards, David...
  6. Designssnet

    Plan Design for CCTV Jobs, which software

    VISIO seems to be best for me...
  7. Designssnet

    Sidways vandal proof housing

    Looking for mini color vandal, check out the Nuvico--->http://nuvico.com/product_images/NVCC-HMV4N.pdf
  8. Designssnet

    WizKid Cameras??

    Your correct Wizkid is a division of Extreme, but I find the Nuvico Cameras much better... http://nuvico.com/product_images/NVCC-SVD.pdf
  9. Designssnet

    Good Day / Night Cameras?

    Look into the Sanyo VCC-4594, nice day/night camera with an attractive price...
  10. Designssnet

    License plate capable cameras

    look at this camera Extreme CCTV REG-SL075 License plate reader...
  11. Designssnet

    Best All Weather Color Dome Camera for the money

    Sanyo Day/Night nice price Excellent camera...
  12. Designssnet

    Nuvico or Wizkid Vandal Proof IR domes?

    I would highly recommend the nuvico dome, very good and cheap...
  13. Designssnet

    Nuvico NVCC-SVD cameras

    Hi guys, Just to inform you that I have included nuvico cameras in most of my designs and the images are great...
  14. Designssnet


    Looking for RACKS? Check out Delta Designs @ (888-335-8299) and let know that David sent you. I design surveillance systems and have always used thier racks. They also have the best price on the market...