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  1. Hi. They have several software. Which DVR do you own ? Best regards.
  2. Hi. I do not know Pelco stuff, but you probably have a component missing such a Matrix, unless i am mistaken. An Ultra 8 camera will display OSD upon boot up. What are you seeing?
  3. tip_ex

    Intellex Password reset

    Hello. I am not sure I understand your request. Can you say it in other words?
  4. tip_ex

    Intellex LT

    What is the actual information you are seeing from the sticker of the unit ?
  5. Call American dynamics tech support or email them and they will send it to you. Make sure you provide part number if it is available.
  6. tip_ex

    I can log on but all I see is black

    Hi. What brand and model is your DVR?
  7. tip_ex

    American Dynamics Help!!!

    Please verify that the keyboard is in the REPEAT OFF mode on ADTTE and AD2089. On your CC keyboard it is called MAKE BREAK I think. please verify in your keyboard manual and it will allow you to operate your camera properly.
  8. Hi there. I believe think 5002 is being used by Network CLient. But I can be mistaken. Maybe that is why it does not work..
  9. tip_ex

    disk i/o error

    Hello. The other option would be to purchase the recovery disk part number from any distributors and run them. American Dynamics do not have recovery disks available for d/l. The recover disk part number is on a sticker on the front of the unit. Usually comes by 2 on older units, and on a DVD on latest units. the number also starts by 0710-xxxx-xx. Best regards.
  10. tip_ex

    Hello from Toronto Canada

  11. tip_ex

    Standalone - playback only shows 2 of 4 chans..?

    Hello. I've seen chinese DVR do that when its ran from the front panel. Usually the client software or web interface is more user friendly. hope it helps.
  12. Hello. I hate working with ballun. The money I save by installing them, i lose it with troubleshooting time. So I prefer Coax by far. Usually when I have to troubleshoot a site, what I do is i bring down one camera and connect it to the roll of coax and to the DVR and see that the signal is nice and clean. The customer agrees then to replace CAT5 by Coax.
  13. tip_ex

    Unknown DVR Manufacturer Question

    Nowadays, with OEM, maybe a picture of the interface would also help. Usually the software is the same, but the physical unit is not.
  14. tip_ex

    Unknown DVR Manufacturer Question

    It's a nice stylish unit. I don't recall seeing one unfortunately. Home somebody else will be able to assist.
  15. Hello there. Yes, it is possible to connect your cameras to a DVR over internet, as long as your ports are forwarded properly. Basically you will have to test it, and see how fast is fast with an HD camera, especially during rush hour. Having only one DVR for 3 locations is a little bit risky if the hard drive dies, unless you will go with a system that has RAID5 capabilities. Several manufacturers offer a client software that can connect to several DVR's at the same time, that will allow you to control all 3 DVRs from one station. Best regards,