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  1. Hello I have 2 IPCC 9610 cameras that I am using in a harsh enviroment on a ship that are exposed to weather and salt. Previously PTZ functions worked. One of the cameras the tilt function had frozen and had to be freed. Now whatever I do and not get the PTZ functions to work even in the web interface. One camera seems to go through its power up self test pans, tilts and goes to its home position and the other does not. I have tried everything I can think of. No anti virus or firewall set. If I can connect to the camere via the web interface why will the PTZ functions no longer work. Anny suggestions appreciated.
  2. MrSing

    GV‐UBL3411 @ -13F

    I mostly love this camera. It normally does not get lower than 10-15 degrees F around here but last night it was -14F. My Geovision GV-UBL3411 is not happy about it. Maybe I should wrap one of those pipe heater strips around it.
  3. I have a Gv1480 system running 859. I only have four analog cameras and 5 Geovision IP cameras. I noticed the other day that my Spectra IV camera looked like garbage and pulled the dome and checked it. It was fine on another monitor and I put it back. I then noticed that the video cleared up when I stopped recording that camera. I played with recording codec and frame rate and it did not help. I went back to version 856 and I no longer have the problem. Unfortunately 856 does not support the zoom and focus on the digital cameras. I am checking to see what other versions of the software I have around. Anyone have any thoughts ?
  4. MrSing

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    I have been trying to get something to work with GV-Aview or GV-Eye. I know that GV-Aview is not spec-ted to work on Android 4.3. I am just trying to connect on a local WiFi network. I have no trouble connecting with my Motorola Photon Q so I do not think it is a server issue. I am using A GV-1480 card for composite cameras and software version 8.5. Some of my cameras are IP and I have tried Gv-Eye. It connects but then goes extremely dark after a couple of seconds Any suggestions appreciated.
  5. MrSing

    GV-AView on AT&T 4G

    Anyone have any luck with the Galaxy Note 3 Android Version 4.3. I can connect with my Photon Q and Galaxy S2 but no luck with the note 3. And we only have 3G service around here.
  6. MrSing

    Viewlog Channel 1 bad

    I recently upgraded to a gv-1480 and Geovision 8340. Whenever I review video in Viewlog channel 1 is very dark and seems to have no dynamic range. In both real time and in playing the recorded file back in mediaplayer it looks fine. Just looks bad in Viewlog. Is there something that I am missing here? Sing
  7. MrSing

    v8.33 driver installation fails in win 7 x64

    Yes I have learned the hard way the many different versions of the GV800 card.I finally broke down and got a new GV1480. Very happy with it. Sing
  8. MrSing

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    The disk was in a dark cardboard sleeve with Geovision on it. The artwork covered the whole face with Geovision logo, it was not blue but mostly dark. I have a real Gv-800 and the holigram is exactly the same I thought maybe it was a repair, but I see no sigh of rework on the board The static proof bag the card came in had extra sn labels on it. The obvious test is to run the sn through Geovision. I did not expect to be going out of town and left kind of suddenly though. Off to work. Sing.
  9. MrSing

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    The books were all similar, there were no peanuts in the box. There is actually a small hologram on the front of the box. The disk is different but it is version 8.34 professional not a copy. The only thing I have found at all odd is there was some writing on one of the chips in magic marker. So far the card has been up for about 3 days, no crashing or rebooting. I will be home again in a month. Sing
  10. MrSing

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    I did not post the box because it had a large bar code, Sn label on it. Right now I am out of town working so I no longer have access to it. I installed the card before I left and it seems to be working fine. Nice to have the higher frame rate. Sing
  11. MrSing

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    Limited on the file size I can post. This seems to exactly match the image on the Geovision page http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/Prod_GV1480A.asp
  12. MrSing

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    Yes Geovision box with barcode and sn on box,Geovision DVD, there is even a little hologram on the box. I have seen counterfeits before and there seems to be nothing that does not match the card on their site. If anyone wants I can post a picture. Sing
  13. MrSing

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    Well I got my GV1480 today and it sure does look real. Hologram ,Sn, chip markings. made in Taiwan. This card is an exact match to the GV-1480 picture on the Geovision web site. Sing
  14. MrSing

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    Well I honestly was not looking for a new card and went to there site to check on a camera. I have wanted to upgrade my older GV-800 for a while so I can go 64 bit and switch to windows 7. I was looking at the GV-1240 but the salesman talked me into the GV-1480. I only use the 8 channels but for the extra $100 it was nice to have the ability to expand more. Sing
  15. MrSing

    Counterfeit GV-1480 cards?

    I just bought one from A1securty . Honestly the price was so good that I am scared it will be a fake. I told the sales guy 5 times I would check the sn with Geovision and stop payment if it was a fake. He assured me many times that there would be no problem. Anyone dealt with these people? Sing Well I hope I answered my own question coming here. I see the people I bought it from are partners in this website. I just could not believe what a good deal they gave me