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  1. looking at replacing our analogue camera setup with a HD IP setup. I have run cat5 cable to all my cameras when I installed the analogue system many years ago. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CCTV-16x1080P-2-43M-IP-IR-Dome-POE-Camera-Kit-Security-24ch-Network-NVR-4TB-HDD-/351156475985?pt=AU_Home_Personal_Security&hash=item51c28e9851 any good or don't bother with it?? if not any good can someone recommend another 16 channel setup? need half of them outdoor cameras
  2. I have a Samsung SNC-B2315 and have it set to upload images to a server via FTP every 15 seconds. this feature works ok apart from the fact that the image it uploads is not completely uploaded, see attached. I have set it to 30 seconds thinking that it might be doing it too fast to keep up and same thing. anyone know how to fix this??
  3. thanks, I will go get it I think as I will only be using it as a roof top camera.
  4. so I can run this system on 12vDC with no issues you think?
  5. In australia, looking at getting a box IP CCTV Camera that is NTSC and the specs say it runs on 24V AC 60Hz and a PAL camera runs on 50Hz. if I run this NTSC camera on 24v at 50Hz will there be any issues with the image stability or anything?? this NTSC camera also runs on 12vDC, if there is an issue with the 50Hz AC supply would it run ok on the DC power? will it also affect any image quality running on DC compared to AC?? is there anything else I need to be aware of?
  6. ah I see, it says balun then it says no balun, I wont worry about this one, I understand it all now. thanks.
  7. oh, you got a link to what I need?
  8. got a couple of 20M runs for analogue cameras I want to use CAT5e cable for and have these baluns http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/dsysteven/product-detailyKXmxPdYZJWC/China-Coax-Cat5-to-Camera-CCTV-BNC-Video-Balun-Connector-CA-70AS-.html is there any particular way to wire these up with cat 5? or just grab any pair, untwist it and connect it each end.
  9. I want to put a cctv IP camera on my roof top to take images of the city and mountains and weather. what would be a good camera to do this?? about 4mm lens be right?? can you recommend an IP camera that would be suitable?? I don't want to spend too much. It will be exposed to weather, I can build a container for it if necessary, I will any way to protect it from the rain and heat a bit more.
  10. image quality would be about the same ya reckon?
  11. looking at these cameras for a n00b the specs are quite similar but price difference is 10 times almost. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-3-Sony-Super-HAD-CDD-650TVL-Zoom-Lens-Vandalproof-Dome-CCTV-Security-Camera-/171151677023?pt=AU_Home_Personal_Security&hash=item27d96f565f http://www.ctccommunications.com.au/samsung-dome-day-night-model-ct-scd-2081.html one is IR but don't care, around the same TVL's around the same varifocal lens, about the same features, why is there such a HUGE price variance?? anyone explain to me in lay man terms?? why should I get one over the other?? whats the difference? what do I need to lookout for?
  12. this is a job on the cheap, just a mate of mine as a couple of IP cameras he don't want any more he said I can have cheap, but don't want to spend on a new DVR or other stuff. will just wait until some second hand decent analogue cameras come up somewhere
  13. cost out weighs the benefits I think. will forget ip cameras and get an analogue one when I find one second hand. thanks.
  14. Yes you can. There are a number of manufacturers who offer Ethernet over coax converters Ilkie can you give me any? google is no help for what I am putting in.