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  1. Are you using Zone Alarm for your firewall by any chance? The updates could be blocking your connection. Also check the port number/s that the veiwing software is using with an online port open checker and see if you are getting out?
  2. honkhonk

    Aiphone JKS intercoms

    I've used the new Aiphone gear, pretty damn good too. It is a tricky one cable wise, have installed them using their spec'd cable and also using standard security cable. At the end of the day, its all about audio and video interferance.......or should I say not getting any. As you know this will be based on any noise inducted into the cable and how it is run. On large installs where you have lots of potential interference, its not worth taking the risk. I have used standard security cable on smaller runs with no problems, and everything was continaray cabled up out of the way. The issue I have with that green shait cable is how difficult it is to use/run when you have a heap of them! Not very user friendly when it comes to stripping the insulation back either. But great for terminating. That cable will be well design just for that product......well I hope so, hope its not just another "pink Cat5" CBus cable Use it and have problem free happy customers........and better warranty
  3. honkhonk

    Bosch Access Control

    Here in NZ, Bosch have the flag ship Solution range of panels that have very basic/limited access control features. There is a new panel (I think its been released in Oz not 100% on that) thats being released very very soon called the Bosch Solution Elite? I think. Its ment to be the Concept 3000 kicker! LOL I'll believe it when I see it, thats a HUGE call! Radionics and that AMC panel are dead in the water, they dont sell the AMC din rail controller here anymore, and Radionics.......I'll get banned if I type what I think of it LOL. Looking forward to seeing this new panel though, should have been here a couple of months ago....but still waiting, not sure what the hold up is,
  4. I mostly install Protege and Concept for my access control but have only just come across the AS200. Any feed back from installation techs? Hardware....software etc? Thanks
  5. honkhonk

    Garage door

    ...If management wont spring for a new camera on the outside of the door.....they wont spring for someone to install a system to monitor what you want to do. You could install a pulsar type sensor that detects any type of flexing (like people walking on floors etc), connected to a wireless transmitter which in turn triggers a receiver unit that triggers an output on the DVR which would then create an alarm and record at the same time. I think another camera would be the easiest best option, but hey......havnt seen the site so dont know. Yes I would say this is the wrong index to post....but good luck.
  6. honkhonk


    NZ installer of CCTV, access control, security systems etc