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  1. Hello, as a member of VISEC I wanted to comment on this post Visec has a special cpu module, and motion software motion sensor to intelligently process active video, which help compensate and differentiate random video that can cause mis reads. You can see our pdf file on our website Visec can do ANPR / LPR on both a mjpeg compress and an h.264 compression. But in general the decompression of the image is not the greatest factor. The biggest factor in LPR, especially when speed is involved is not decompression. The issues are: 1) the clarify of the image. This is determined on the shutter speed and camera type. This is why is very important to make sure you actually use IP and not analog cameras. IP cameras from AXIS and Arecont using VISEC LPR will allow shutterspeed, color, and other image parameters 2) The next factor camera placement, angle. A camera should be less than 30 degress, with the closest to 0 degrees resulting in the best reading. 3) CPU - the better the CPU is the better the room to process more frames per second under VISEC. 4) LIGHT- Light plays a significant factor. The use of accessories like filters can help a lot. In the old days, LPR was done in a non real time scenario. With new CPU and advanced algorithms LPR can be done super fast in real time. Regards, Eric Visec Software LPR - Surveillance - Access Control