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  1. bigspud

    Geovision GV-NVR Released

    just got it from geo home, installed okay. version says its in app.
  2. bigspud

    viewlog playback on android

    is it possible without ie or qt. mjpeg live view works okay with dolphin and chrome browsers.
  3. bigspud

    Geovision Question

    it would be nice if the geo software had an option to leave a indicator of where on the video or jpg the motion was detected. the only thing that i found comes close is the object index detection which can show the colored rectangles.
  4. i hope it works, v8.5.7 no longer supports xp, according to geo install notes. anyone tried it?
  5. bigspud

    Motherboard Issue

    i have a gv800a pci-e in a intel i3-2100 h67 mb, and it runs rock solid.
  6. bigspud

    Motherboard Issue

    i tried an older pci dvr non gv card, and it wouldnt work either, pci-e is the only option.
  7. bigspud

    Motherboard Issue

    h67 intel mb uses pci bridge chip, not compatable with gv pci cards, pci-e will work.
  8. bigspud

    Masking and advanced detection

    unfortunately geo software lacks the very important feature of marking or showing sprites where the motion trigger occurs, this makes it difficult to set up optimum sensitivity and zone selection. you could try using object indexing to see what is causing the triggers, since it shows big blue squares when triggered.
  9. sandybridge no native pci, mb use bridge chip(FAIL).
  10. i emailed them about FBR and large font problem, got reply in less than 2 days.
  11. bigspud

    Where does GeoVision Store Its Files

    what stupid place to put geo files, fbr does not save all settings, and fbr is unusable if u use large fonts in windows. the geo programmers must be real amateurs.
  12. bigspud

    Motherboard Issue

    sandy bridge chipset mb use a pci bridge chip, many people are having trouble with this, do not use these.
  13. i would like this too, 320 res is not good enough for todays displays.
  14. bigspud

    BMP Resolution

    i wish it had option for 640x480 email photo. 320x240 just aint enough.
  15. bigspud

    Geovision 1240 card + home automation PC, can 1 pc do it all

    i run my gv800, homeseer, and hd sat tv on my one computer 24/7 no problem. e8400cpu,2gb ram, ati 2400pro, win7 32bit. cpu=50% when playing hd video, 25% sd video. ram=40% use playing video. i use dexpot and a hot key to switch between tv screen and geovision.