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    IR PTZ

    Anybody know of a PTZ camera (Outdoor) that has integrated IR. I would assume the IR would need to be mounted externally for IR glare. But, how would it follow the camera? Or, would the PTZ just have multiple IR's with broad spectrums to cover all areas. Any ideas? This is all I have found so far. Anyone used this before, or anything similar: Specifications: Infrared LED range up to 80 meters Weatherproof design, high die-cast aluminum casing Superb shock resistance, especially suitable for car surveillance systems 360-degree continuous rotation, upward angle up to 180 degrees Power supply: 10.5V-8V DC __________________________________ Specifications: With infrared LED range up to 100 meters, it could catching image promptly at night Weatherproof design, high die-cast aluminum casing, protection grade IP66 Super shockproof, especially suitable for car surveillance 360-degree continuously rotation, upward angle up to 180 degrees 6 cruising tracks, each cruising track has 16 preset positions,128 preset positions Input voltage: DC10.5V-DC18V With wiper
  2. The problem he was in reference to was an encoding issue. Not a problem with local playback or viewing. We addressed his problems and returned all his calls. If the voicemails were not returned in the proper amount of time I apologize for that. But, we did speak to him on many occasions including a call from the president on the day we shipped the unit back to him. And on that day we offered a fix to replace the units main boards.
  3. Indeed. Dave posted the presidents full name and posted a video on Youtube of our techs without their consent. David, we have offered you a fix and if you would like us to replace/repair your DVR I will make that happen. Just let me know. No problem at all. I think this thread has gotton a little drawn out. IC Realtime will stand behind their products as you you can ask any of our current dealers. We are known for our excellent support that is offered to our dealers and to any of our end-users. Please PM, Email or call with your decision.
  4. No nerve was hit; I just wanted to clear up a few things for our forum viewers. Again, we are glad to help you with your DVR. This would mean either we can directly replace the unit or we can try to fix your problems. Since we have already tried to fix it and a new board/dvr would be the fix than that would be your only option. This came straight from the CEO/President and our techs. I don’t understand what has “fallen through the cracksâ€
  5. Mr. David M. We have been more than accommodating to you and your DVR. Lets put this on the record that first; you did not buy this DVR direct from us nor through an authorized dealer. So any help from us was done as a favor. Even if the warranty was transferrable it has been expired for over a year. I have plenty of LOGGED calls from you. Our techs have worked many times with you via phone calls and emails. This is done because we try to help everybody we can even in your situation. Your DVR was here and tested without duplicating the issue you stated. So there is nothing else we could have done but send it back or offer a replacement board swap which our president Matt talked to you about. This again is nothing we have ever done with an End-User and again was just our way of trying to help you out. If there was anything we could have done short of replacing the entire DVR we would have done it. It think that is pretty good customer service especially from a manufacturer. Try calling Dedicated Micros, Speco, Sony, Bosch or any other surveillance products manufacturer and get half of the help that we offered to you. They won’t even deal with the end-users direct. If there is anything else we can do to help you please let me know?
  6. Wanted to know if any of you guys install SATA Hard Drives instead of IDE in your PC DVR's. If so any big difference in perf. or speed. We just switched over to SATA and I know they claim to be faster but is there really that big of a difference. Thanks,
  7. You can do it with the Avermedia DVR cards.
  8. kandcorp

    ICRealtime DVR notes on the Flex 8

    With the new multiclient software for the FLEX series DVR's you do have the ability to perform more than 2 playbacks. But, again it is only via the software. Sorry it didn't work out at the sheriff training facility. You are aware of the prev. and next channel buttons available during playback at the DVR, correct? At least this will allow you to sequence quickly to the next or previous channel at the same time of the current playback, all without researching. Either way please let me know if you have any other quesitons in regards to our product line.
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    icrealtime pro8 vs panasonic wj-rt 208

    Yes, there are a lot of places in China and Korea that sell DVR's. Not any that are the same as ours but DVR's for sure.
  10. kandcorp

    icrealtime pro8 vs panasonic wj-rt 208

    Our PRO DVR does in fact record, play back, and stream in realtime on all 16 channels (480x480fps). Panasonic's 300 series records and playsback at 60fps at HD1 res or 120fps at SIF res. No, they are made in China. Though, a lot of the hardware and software architecture was developed in Japan. So maybe you should talk to Pano and see if there wj-rt208 was fully made in Japan...Probably not.
  11. kandcorp

    Any H.264 DVR's around?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H.264 A little info on H.264.
  12. kandcorp

    Break-in gone bad....very bad.

    I know this was probably posted before but just had to share it again: http://www.glumbert.com/media/badrobber The police don't need to catch the guy, he will kill himself eventually.
  13. Well, if the DVR does not support auto scan then maybe the PTZ does. This can be programmed via the PTZ's OSD (if it has one) and called via a preset. What PTZ make and model are you using?
  14. No functions are loss. Like phred said unlimited. You could pan, tilt, zoom, access menu, setup tours, presets, scans, patterns, everything. Either at the DVR or through the net.
  15. Wait, do you mean controlling it without a data cable (rs-485) ran. Maybe through the coax or wireless?
  16. Yes. IOWs', something that would eliminate the need for a separate controller for the cameras. Most DVR's do this already??? Either the DVR has an on screen virtual keyboard which can control the PTZ locally. Or you can interface the same way through IE or the client software. . I DON'T THINK WE ARE FOLLOWING.
  17. If you are referring to accessing the PTZ's menu for setup and configuration, then yes. As long as the PTZ HAS an OSD for configuration changes most DVR's are able to call specific presets to access and change menu items (scans, patterns, tours, etc.)
  18. Take a look at our ICR-10XDN Not trying to self promote here, but it is an excellent all-in-one weatherproof camera. http://www.icrealtime.com/solutions/cameras.asp?cameraid=icr10xdn
  19. kandcorp

    Help!!!DVR cannot be accessed via Internet??/

    Does the DVR require both TCP and UDP protocols to be forwarded? Also, check to make sure your gateway IP is set properly on the DVR. One more common lookover would be to make sure your DVR's IP address is within the DHCP range. Give us your full network layout. Thanks,
  20. Very good DVR. Very reputable company. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks,
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    Plese be aware not all DVR's that state USB 2.0 can handle any flash/hard drive. Some actually will only handle 32MB and lower flash drives. Also, the USB 2.0 may be there for admin and bios upgrade purposes only. So, before you waste your money I would check with Samsung. If you can explain a little more in depth on how the DVR is not burning, that would help. thanks,
  22. Here is a robbery at one of our dealers stores that took place last week. These guys are really stupid. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=55BB70F5D577DD3B Take a look at the last one. The one guy rips an twists a LCD monitor off the wall.
  23. kandcorp

    Robbery on December 31, 2006 (ICR-Pro DVR)

    Yes. Sens-Auto Color-Auto
  24. kandcorp

    Robbery on December 31, 2006 (ICR-Pro DVR)

    Yes, we will have a booth this year. If you have any questions email me at: Andrew@icrealtime.com
  25. kandcorp

    Robbery on December 31, 2006 (ICR-Pro DVR)

    No thats a typo. Here are the specs straight from the manual: Total Pixels 811 H x 508 V Effective Pixels 768 H x 494 V