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  1. Hey Tom. I cannot seem to figure out what to download for removal and reinstall. The system is still down.
  2. I tried to press control and L and nothing happens. I did go into the setup and system configuration/device manager. I do not see any exclamation marks in this area. Yes, I put the cd key in and it rebooted but still shows the argus error.
  3. Hey Tom...Everything has been going smoothly with the dvr until yesterday when I received a boot load error. I reinstalled the software from the recovery dvd not the internet. I can get to the dvr setup page but the cameras are not showing. When do I need to press control L. It does not seem to do anything during boot or when the dvr is booted up?
  4. I had to reinstall the software on the dvr. Now I am getting an error with argus v card initialization error. The dvr will not function. What could be the problem?
  5. bantham1

    Help with tag on house Burg

    Thanks. H is probably right for the first. Last looks like 2 or 7
  6. Can anyone see what this tag is on this truck? First three characters should be letters, last three will be numbers. Should be 6 characters total on tag(3 letters first then 3 numbers). Broke into 3 houses on my street and cleaned them out. Ford F150 truck: http://s792.beta.photobucket.com/user/alschmid/library/Robbery
  7. bantham1

    Anyone used the EH1008H-4 Nano DVR?

    Aver appears to be moving away from cctv at least from what I can see. I have had really bad luck with their tech support and warranty coverage. They will not even respond to my problems at this point.
  8. bantham1

    Samsung SCO-2080R STINKS!!!

    Tom, the picture quality is too good for me to part with it. Sorry
  9. bantham1

    Samsung SCO-2080R STINKS!!!

    Here is a picture from my SCO-2370 at D1 and CNB Mona Lisa VBM at D1. I think your DVR/cable is a big part of your problem.
  10. Night. There is a street light nearby.
  11. That controller is pretty neat. The setup is really simple without it since the a/f lens does all the work.
  12. There is a focus setting called "one push." In this setting the focus is set once zoomed in and will not adjust in and out at a set focal point. Focus is automatically adjusted once after zoom position is changed. I had the same problem when the focus was set to "auto" but changed it to one push and have not had a problem. The SCO-2080R does not have a/f lens. The SCO-2120R has a/f lens and 12x zoom plus IR. The SCO-2370 does not have IR but it does have the 37x zoom which is hard to beat. 12x may work in a majority of the situations as it is around 50mm zoom where 37x is around 140mm.
  13. It does have HLC with selectable levels, low, middle, high and mask tone. I have not tried it since the camera is not pointed directly at headlights or tags. It probably would work pretty good with the zoom and A/F though. It has the option to "smart" zoom into a preset zoom position upon motion. This would be very helpful at a gate or front door when a car pulls up. The zoom would zoom in and get a really nice picture of the tag or face then zoom back out when the motion is gone (dwell time). I did not use this feature, b/c the cars are going by way too fast for any zoom to zoom in. It does zoom rather quickly and focuses just as fast though. The zoom is unreal on this thing.
  14. No. This is an Avermedia SA9000ePro recording at 30fps at D1. Doubt there is much quality issue due to this dvr. Next cameras will probably be Samsung from initial impression.
  15. Night. Can still tell this is a Chevy Pickup truck. There is some noise, but this can be expected when zoomed in and with no IR.