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    Can’t find key pro error with system crash

    reinstall geovision drivers
  2. riluxg

    Perfect Cloud Backup Service?

    have a look at ispy http://www.ispyconnect.com/
  3. riluxg

    GV-NVR - Multi-monitor Still the same as 12 years ago?

    go to program files, DMMultiView, DMPos you can select which monitor you want
  4. I have had the same problem with this camera. i used geovisions gv ip devise utility to reboot the camera or to change the ip.
  5. riluxg

    Geovision GV-600 public streaming question

    try rtsp:// replacing the ip address with the ip address of your gv system
  6. or this http://www.ispyconnect.com/userguide-alpr.aspx
  7. yes if you have no cameras connected and the software is showing video loss some geovision version 6x will keep on re-rebooting. You have to disable cameras in general settings, camera install
  8. riluxg


    Have you checked the i/o cards address, the older version default address is 1 and the newer version cards the default address is 4. Check card address matches with multicam address in general settings systems configure i/o device
  9. clone card majic radar v2.4 or ankeeper v2.49
  10. If this card works with blueiris with bt878 try dropping the frame rate down on each channel this should stop it from crashing
  11. Indoor snap shot of Sunkwang, Vivotek and Geovision 1.3 Megapixel Cameras all cameras are set at factory default
  12. vivotek ip7160 2mp cmos sensor camera with 6mm lense
  13. riluxg

    Anything else but Geovision Multiview?

    try polyon by bahlinc its quite fast and you can view up to 128 cameras
  14. the pc running the centre software knows the sending pc is there it connects then drops straight out after 5 secs. the two computers can ping each other. No pics are ever sent. the sending pc is conected to the internet via a shared internet conection on an industrial estate . Could it be a firewall / port open problem. they know each pc is there but won't allow it to sent any data.
  15. riluxg

    geovison pos

    Hi great forum with some excellent info Has anyone tested microsofts retail managment system with geovision pos or does anyone know if it is compatible. geovision reply is Thank you for your submit to Geovision Technical Support. Regarding your question with Microsoft Retail Management System support, unfortunately, we currently didn't test this system so far, however, we will forward your e-mail to our research and development department as a evaluation for future integration at this time and thank you for your submit and question. Thanks
  16. riluxg

    geovison pos

    No the geovision card is going into a different computer. ill get a serial cable and give it a try thanks for the replys very helpful