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  1. Thank you! Yeah the marketing material is a bit misleading in that regard. Some of it can give the idea that UMD can be used proactively. This makes sense and definitely helps me.
  2. Hi All, Avigilon recently came out with their UMD. I have a client who seems to think this will solve a lot of his problems, give alarms before something happens and thereby prevent vandalism and such. I haven't used Avigilon much (only some test setups) and I am not certain how good video analytics is at this point. Does anybody have experience with UMD? Is this worth the upgrade and the increased Avigilon prices? Thanks! koolmer
  3. Hi Guys, Okay I am looking for an NVR Software to use and I am looking at the options now. I am hoping to get some help here from people that have experience with different NVRs. My current setup: I have 8 sites with PC servers with encoder cards and running Netvision Software . Very basic Software, works well with analogue cameras and not so well with IP cameras. 4 sites are all analogue, 3 are hybrid, 1 is full IP. IP Cameras are all Hikvision and Dahua. I think that for now I will not go into switching the Software for the analogue cameras. The cost for encoders is pretty much the same as a cheap Hikvision IP camera. Money is a main factor here. I would rather switch the analogue cameras with IP cameras. NVR Software: Features that I need: - record cameras from different sites with local servers accessed by Clients in different buildings. The Network infrastructure exists already. - I need a good video wall with instant playback of 10 seconds or 30 seconds, on every camera. - I need to be able to use a joystick to control the PTZs and if possible, to actually select the camera and blow it up on the screen. Of course I know the big names of NVR Software, but what is the price for such Software? 140 GBP per camera per year? Is that about right? It's really too expensive. I have now about 80 IP cameras that I would like to change to a better Software. My budget is not in the area of 10.000 GBP, it's more like 2500 GBP. Any suggestions and data is very welcome! I am pretty certain that Milestone, Exacq and Avigilon would do what I want, but I am not sure if I can afford these. But of the 3, which one is the cheapest? Which one is the best? Thanks! Best, Florian
  4. koolmer

    Setting up an ANPR system

    I am interested in the same thing. It seems that Hikvision included ANPR feature into their latest Darkfighter and Lightfighter cameras. Has anyone tested these? I would like to use one such camera for a driveway to get an alarm when a car enters that is not on the white list. I would just connect one of the cameras outputs to my alarm system - don't want to setup a PC just for ANPR. I have a hard time finding a supplier of the Darkfighter and Lightfighter. Are they actually released?
  5. Yeah, that's exactly what he wants. He had a few pictures already and wants to expand it with time. Not interested in government servers and all that. Is it instant when one has its own data base?
  6. Thanks a bunch! This looks very interesting. Do you have any experience with this Software by chance?
  7. Hi All, I have a customer, who is interested in face recognition Software for his IP camera sites. Now, I think that these exist, but are probably far from reliable and maybe even entirely useless. But this is not a good answer for a customer, so I told him that I will find out. Use case here would be an IP camera pointed at a door and giving some sort of alarm when a certain person shows up. Obviously pictures of the bad guy(s) would have to be loaded into the Software. It is a very tight choke point, so getting a good face shoot should be easy - basically perfect conditions. Does anyone here have any experience with such a system? Does anyone even know a name for such a system? Pricing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. koolmer
  8. Thanks for the quick reply! I feared that would be the case - now I need to decide if I am going to look for that bracket or simply buy the IPC-HFW3200.
  9. I have a question about the Dahua IPC-3200 (not c). I hope this is the one you installed here. I want to buy one and wall mount it. Is that possible? Does it have... how do you call this... gimbal-mount or something? I basically want it to look along the wall I want to mount it on. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the info. I'll check out the i5 to see if I can find one with a faster clock speed. I am very familiar with hardware and always build computers myself, but I have never tried overclocking. I have NetvisionDVR already and I have access to the Download section of their Website. I don't have any Dahua camera yet to test it though. I have an analogue NetvisionDVR with 32 Channels and several smaller ones on different sites. The 32 Channel DVR has a Core 2 Quad @ 2500MHz and uses only 10 - 15 % CPU when not displaying cameras. But the encoding cards are all Hardware encoding of course and I don't know if the MD is handled by the encoding card or the CPU.
  11. I am actually also planning an IP CCTV system now. I intended to go for a NetvisionDVR system, but now I am not so sure anymore. How big exactly is the difference in CPU usage if I use camera or server MD? If Netvision only does server MD then I am concerned that my 16 - 20 IP camera system is going to overload the server... I wanted to use a core i7 server and connect 16 - 20 1.3 MP cameras. Is this possible at all?
  12. The website is "half=cooked". They changed it 2 or 3 months ago and since that time it looks better, but is really unprofessional with links not working all over etc. You need an account to get to the Download section. The account needs to be "approved" by them. I suggest that you write to them and tell them that you want to try the program. They react to emails quickly.
  13. You are mistaken They have a very good VMS. http://cqkczloa.gotoip3.com/Home/SubCategoryDetails/40 For some reason all pictures are gone from the website... And there is no compatibility list... They have good support though, they are also around in this forum sometimes.
  14. NetvisionDVR works with Dahua cameras - also the later ones AFAIK. They also sell Dahua cameras and if you buy from them, you will get their Software for free. They don't call them Dahua though. I myself use NetvisionDVR only for analogue cameras and I am very happy with it. I will try it with Megapixel Dahua cameras soon.
  15. koolmer

    Video balun

    Okay, if I understand your drawing correctly, you want to transmit the actual camera signal over power lines. This is possible, but POE has nothing to do with it. POE is a standard to get power to an IP camera using only 1 Network cable (Cat5). This one cable can then transport the data from the camera to the DVR/NVR and also power the camera at the same time. What you try to do is basically the opposite, to transmit data over an existing power cable. This is referred to as "Power line communication". There are many products on the market that can create a computer network over power cable. Here for example: http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?categoryid=1657&model=TL-PA211KIT You will not need a video balun, but an encoder that makes your analogue camera signal into an IP camera signal (you could also just use an IP camera instead). This device is called a video encoder. Here: http://www.axis.com/products/cam_m7001/index.htm If you want to record to a DVR you will need a video decoder again. This is rather complex and I would really recommend to just take an IP camera. You will also need an NVR then instead of a DVR.