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  1. shankarsha

    raysharp d9004v

    hi, if you have remote access, then I can unlock password for you.
  2. shankarsha

    Issues with baluns

    Being using baluns for sometime, I've learned that never use common power supply. which saves hours of time.
  3. shankarsha

    Hi from UK

    You're Welcome.
  4. Use external TV tuner box
  5. shankarsha

    Ftp question!

    I hope it work without any problem. (At least in my experience )
  6. shankarsha

    truvision or dahua??

    The matter of fact is interlogix is rebranded from dahua. Choice is yours.
  7. shankarsha

    runtime error

    Try reinstalling ms c++ & jre
  8. shankarsha

    How to configure a Dahua DVR in DynDDNS.

    Glad you did that...
  9. shankarsha

    Plug n Play IP Camera

    Cam 2 life
  10. shankarsha

    how i can view remotery my cameras?

    You need to port forward and have to use ddns however I don't think you have access to the router.
  11. shankarsha

    Problem viewing from Iphone with 3G

    You need to port forward and use ddns for remote view.
  12. Change local IP address from current one. Make changes in port forwarding. Try with IE8. It might work
  13. Answer is there in question itself.
  14. Clik2stream a good try. For embedding you have to pay.