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  1. I have 6 of these recorders that continue to give me issues. They are all running the latest firmware and GE Nav is also the latest release. I have the recorders set so that you need to enter a password in order to manipulate any of the front controls. When I come in of a morning, usually at least 1 of the 6 are back at the login screen or have a random camera pulled up in full screen or the split screens are at something different than I left them (at the 16 cam view). I can understand the login screen -- that someone tried to login but not how the split screen changed or that a camera ended up full screen. Employees shouldn't be a factor since they do not know the password. We've continually had these problems and I've been unable to describe to GE what is happening (to make them understand). My GE/EST fire system is top-notch but these recorders are really testing me and makes me question whether I wish to purchase anything else GE. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Let's assume nothing over 500 feet and good quality siamese cable. Would you rather work with RG59 or RG6? Would you switch your opinion if you went from a 8-16 camera job to one that has 128+? Why/why not?
  3. Most likely you will have to run your access control wire to the main FACP as remote announciators typically do not have an addressable point relay trigger. I suggest using 16/2 or 18/2 West Penn plenum rated fire alarm wire.
  4. ampleworks

    Redesign existing system

    Days without cameras in correctional facility not exactly ideal. My plan is re-cable everything sans termination. Once everything is cabled, do the swing shift moving a couple recorders at a time while inmates are locked down.
  5. ampleworks

    Redesign existing system

    We have a system that has approximately 100 different varieties of cameras installed by a vendor who didn't think much about the future. All wires are located under a 28" counter in a dark control room. All of the 24VAC power supply units are positioned so close together, you cannot even open them all the way. Nothing is labeled nor is there a map. Six GE SymSafe Pro recorders are in portable racks that loop into a GE switcher = 200+ coax cables laying on the floor) so its pretty much impossible to see where things are going and to troubleshoot camera outages. Since all of the cabling and racks are sitting on the floor, they are easily (inadvertently) bumped, moved, and kicked by staff whom work the control room. Lots of the cable is either off-brand plenum that I cannot find compression connectors to fit (good) or junk Chinese cable. I'm looking for input on the best course of action to solve these issues. I'm wondering if there is really a feasible alternative to re-cabling the entire facility (55K SQFT) into a new room with full racks and cable management. Thanks
  6. ampleworks

    GE Nav

    I have a handful of GE SymSafe Pro devices and are using GE Nav 2.1 SP1 to administer them. Does anyone know of a work-around in order for a user to use the GE Nav client on a workstation without requiring an elevated access (currently I have to add a local user as 'Power User' in order for it to work). This is in a 2003/AD environment with XP Pro as the client OS. GE was not much help other than telling me I needed Administrator access to install it but didn't have any information running as a normal user. Thanks!