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  1. PeterKesel

    camera on stucco

    That's pretty cool.Thanks for good suggestion of vehicle.I love this type of setup.
  2. PeterKesel

    I want to buy DVR card, help...

    I want to buy DVR card. I hope that you can recommend something to me that will really work and with good price.Thanks
  3. PeterKesel

    Vehicle Camera Suggestion

    I have no idea about CCTV but i would suggest something along the line of a Avermedia 1304MOB DVR and a good quality, low light capable box style camera with a rubber or silicone mounting to quell vibration.
  4. PeterKesel

    Digital Video Security Development Kit

    Nice analog video.It's really useful.We wanted to work on their DVRs with features that we required for our apps... no matter what we did or offered, they did not want any changes...