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  1. redmercurypr

    GV-1480 help

    Hi, I'm trying to connect an Axis M3014 to the GV-1480 without success. The camera is not in the IP camera list in the settings, or in the support list in the website. Is there a way the card could recognize it without being in the list or am I screwed? The card is still in version 8.2, should I upgrade to the newer 8.3?
  2. redmercurypr

    Advice on system expansion

    Hi, I,am currently looking to expand a system I installed in a 5 story building. I started with a Geovsion card, 2 elevator cameras, 1 camera in the lobby, and 1 camera on the second floor. The elevator cameras I used are Speco CVC-607EXCM, they work great! To send the video signal through the elevator shaft I used NVT-213A transceivers with telephone cable. The lobby camera I used a Panasonic WV-CW484F, I chose this because of the light coming into the entrance, and last on the second floor I used a Panasonic WV-CW244S. I know both panos have smoked lenses decreasing their lux but the owner insisted on it so the camera lens cannot be seen. It made the image darker from what you would want but I fixed it with the Geo system. I'm looking now to add more cameras, for the upper 3 floors I'll stick with the WV-CW244s. Outside of the building I need 2 cameras, one will be on the second floor looking down towards a chain-link gate that's 60ft away, and the other one on the back. I'm going tonight to check the light conditions, I'll record and post it on YouTube. These 2 cameras the owner wants day/night viewing, I'm hoping to stay with Panasonic since I might get for the gate camera a ready-to-go package. The one on the back I need a 90 degree base to use a pano dome but I'm still looking for it. Again I guess a lot depends on the light conditions I find tonight. Any advice or comments you are more than welcome.
  3. redmercurypr

    Pelco PTZ

    Is there any comparible PTZ camera and housing to Pelco products and less expensive?
  4. redmercurypr

    bullet cameras

    I saw a bullet with the Sony Exview chip, 480TVL, 0.01lux. It is cheaper but is it worth it?
  5. redmercurypr

    bullet cameras

    Is the 637 Speco?
  6. redmercurypr

    bullet cameras

    Thank you very much, the camera is really small. Pretty much what I was looking for.
  7. redmercurypr

    bullet cameras

    I'm looking for color and the best resolution possible. I guess with a Sony ccd chip they are the best right?
  8. redmercurypr

    Quadplex DVR

    Hi I have been looking at some network dvr's and have fouund that the Icantek 440R has all the features I need. Especially the software for viewing in a PocketPC. I have not found another dvr with the same features so I can make a comparison or get some references. I'll be using this setup for an expensive-car shop as a test, then I'll market for small businesses across the island. The PocketPC option is very important because the owner can watch the store when not at home, also the bandwidth management since all store owners won't have the best choice of broadband connection. Are there any other choices I should b looking at?
  9. redmercurypr

    bullet cameras

    Right now I'm looking to anyone who's got good equipment and good price.
  10. I've used the Icantek cameras and found them to be pretty good. I've tried contacting them but it's been difficult. I'm going to try AirGoogle they are the same.
  11. redmercurypr

    bullet cameras

    Hi I'm located in Puerto Rico. I'm actually looking for a good small camera that can get around 90deg angle view in a room 10x15 ft from @ 9ft high most likely from the corner. I found this forum not to long agon and found it awesome! I also want to ask because I'm having problems in finding a supplier outside of the island. I don't want to buy from ADI. I thought about a bullet since I a saw some good ones, but there are too many sites.
  12. redmercurypr

    bullet cameras

    Where can I get good bullet camera for indoor installation?
  13. Do you know of any system especially used for mobile applications. Like you have a camera here a couple of days and move it to another site next and so on.
  14. Hi I'm in search of a good wireless system for a mobile application. I have a customer, a local town, that wants a camera that can be moved around for certain activities. I have seen a lot of wireless systems and I don't know where to start or end there are so many of them. I'm looking also into the system being solar powered if possible, I have seen something like it from Dotworkz. It's a 120W system so I don't know if it's possible to adapt it to my needs. Thanks.
  15. redmercurypr

    First multi-floor bldg.

    Thank you very much, you have been a lot of help.