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  1. tsd


    Hello, CNB-V1005N is a 380TVL Vandal Proof dual Voltage Camera it has been discontinue Good Luck
  2. tsd

    Elevator Cameras

    Advert Tech has a camera not specifically made for elevator but the size and features should work Micro Dome Vandal Proof Sony Super HAD CCD II WDR, UNR, DSE 560TVL http://adverttech.com/show.php?contentid=102
  3. tsd

    Who use the highest bit rate for camera?

    Advert Technology has 12 bit camera http://adverttech.com/show.php?contentid=39
  4. tsd

    CNB motion detection feature?

    I did spoke to CNB Tech Support regarding Motion Detection Feature here is what they have to say If using DVR which any one would there is no reason to use Camera Motion feature would not help or make any difference Only if you are connecting directly to the TV/Monitor it will make it more sensitive to the set motion area and will relay live video with very little improvement on sharpness I did try that feature with DVR and as they said I did not see any change in video and also it’s not suppose to fill up the screen as it shows on its flyer when motion detected So at the end it’s just marketing..
  5. tsd

    Dome CNB little help

    Hello Rory, Since you do not have PM or email option active I had to post reply.. Consider us as your CNB Products Distributor
  6. tsd

    Geo GV-800 V3 w/ 7.05 WebCam Issue

    try 8.2 version that works for Vista
  7. tsd

    Geo GV-800 V3 w/ 7.05 WebCam Issue

    Try downloading Multi View 8.3.3 and install on both of you computer and then try to view from that software "DMMulti View" it should work
  8. What price do you consider low budget DVR?
  9. as tomcctv said you need to upgrade your power supply to higher Apms
  10. tsd

    Webpage auto login

    Excellent tip good work
  11. Most of the time it is because of camera not getting sufficient power or cable is not a good quality one. try with just one camera and see if you find any difference in the picture if yes you need a better power adaptor or one for each camera depending which type you have. are these camera brand new and what type and make? check on the camera how much current it need? how many camera in total you have and is it hooked up with one power adaptor?
  12. tsd

    DVR Video is choppy over internet

    Hello Zack, Choppy video over the internet via DVR is a common issue not ever DVR is good with network transmission and specially with MJPEG and even with some H.264, Internet bandwidth does play a major roll though on both sides at the DVR location and at remote view location. We have tried many H.264 DVR and the only one so far I have liked is CNB DVR great performance over the internet also gives you full control to setup DVR over under internet explorer http://cnbusa.com/en/html/product/product_list.php?maxx=5
  13. what are you using for recording now?
  14. Could be some dust or bad stuck switch try cleaning front panel using dust spray or (WD40 if it’s a mechanical switch “non rubber non membrane”) make sure you turn off the Multiplexer first are you using multiplexer output to feed to a recorder (VCR) or just to show on TV/Monitor?
  15. tsd

    Looking for quality cameras

    I have not used Speco personally, but if you are open to try other brand consider CNB VBM-24VF it's Day & Night Veri-focal dual voltage out-door dome camera with 600 TV Lines Sony Super HAD CCD II