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  1. qcbook

    Newbie Camera Assistance

    Look...the bottom line is i need a pretty good dome camera for a store install (all indoor) and I want to spend around 120-140 per camera...can you point me in the right direction? also can you tell me app what the geo cards go for? thanks asher
  2. qcbook

    Newbie Camera Assistance

    How does the sony D470 on this website compare to the nuvico listed above? http://www.pcsurveillance.net/cameras.htm also are the prices for the Nuvico and Sony Cameras decent? Also can anyone tell me approximately what geovision 800 and 900 cards sell for? thanks
  3. qcbook

    Installation Hell

    OK.... I fixed it....my installer was a super idiot. I went back to the instal location and took the dvr computer with me. I checked all the cat5 wiring again and noticed a lot of splicing going on? So i looked more carefully and it appers that three of the cameras were hooked up to the same power supply?! (DOOFUS) Also you guys were right...the power supplies being used were 12v 500mwa. So i took all the wiring apart and hooked it up such that i now have one power supply attached individually to each camera. I also limited the camers inputs on the geo to the number of cameras I currently have hooked up.... Thank gd i am happy to report everyting is up and stable. Btw i am using baluns for the install (they are passive ones dont remeber the co name) thanks for all the help asher
  4. I recently had an installer put in 6 cameras and a geovision 16 camera card system at a specific location. He ran cat5 to all the cameras. Currently I am having major problems with the system. The computer refuses to stay up and constantly is rebooting. I called Geo and they say it will reboot due to a weak signal. I have checked the computer and it is working fine. I have also checked the Geo card and it is fullly operational as well. Additionally I took the computer back to my shop and plugged in a few cameras and everything worked fine as well. I am beginning to think that there is not enough power to the cameras and this is creating the problem. The installer ran the cat5 back to a central location where he split the cables into video and power. The video got a balun and the power got a simple radio shack 9v power supply. Since the runs are much longer then 20 feet is it possible that the cameras are not getting enough juice and thus are tripping up the geo system. Also if you think this is the case how can i up the voltage or resolve this issue?? PLEASE HELP thanks in advance asher
  5. Hey everyone... I am in the process of putting together a new camera installation at a retail location. The backend of the system will be a geovision pc card (16 camera). I have the back end all setup and now i just need to purchase the cameras?! I know this is a very complicated question but can anyone provide me with some basic assistance about what to look at? The idea is that i want to put camera over the register and in some key locations (all indoor) just to watch my employees. Nothing fancy. The install in going to be in NYC. I found this local shop; spytown. They were pushing Nuvico Cameras?? http://www.spytown.com/nuvnvhircold.html ideas? comments? thanks a bunch asher